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How to recover from Windows service that is stuck in starting or stopped state

When an attempt is made to stop or start a Window service it may get stuck in stopping or starting state.

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.0, Power Monitoring Expert 7.x and 8.x

Server Manager Configuration Services 

In ION Enterprise or Power Monitoring Expert restarting ION Network Router service also restarts some of the depending services. In some instance one of the services may get stuck in stopping state. A server re-boot may be required to recover from this situation; however, the stuck service may be resolved without a re-boot.

Determine the service name in the Services Console by right click - > Properties

In Command Prompt type the following: C:\>sc queryex servicename
Make note of the PID value from the query command as seen in the screen capture below.

Use the following command shown below in screen capture to terminate the PID
C:\>taskkill /f /pid number

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