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    The history of AST Modular

    Founded in 1999 in Barcelona as a shielding business for mission critical facilities, AST Modular was the pioneer of prefabricated, secure and energy efficient data centers. The integration with AST now puts Schneider Electric in a market leading position for prefabricated and modular data centers

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    Prefabricating data center infrastructure allows organizations to deploy datacenter capacity efficiently, by minimizing complexity and unpredictability associated to traditional datacenter construction
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    Milestone Dates

    • 1999 Advanced Shielding Technologies (AST) is founded in Barcelona, Spain, by a group of private investors. AST becomes member of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society and executes its first data center project
    • 2002 AST launches Smart Shelter - a modular and semi pre-fabricated data center solution
    • 2004 Two years after its launch, there are 40 Smart Shelter rooms installed worldwide. AST moves to new facilities with 1300 m2 of available office and production space
    • 2005 AST deploys its first data center in a ISO shipping Container
    • 2006 AST opens its North American offices in Miami, Florida to expand business to North and South American markets
    • 2009 AST delivers its first containerized data center with Natural Free Cooling – an indirect air-to-air and evaporative free cooling solution engineered in-house
    • 2012 AST Modular launches its NON ISO Modular data center offering
    • 2014 Recognizing its strong position and experience in the market, Schneider Electric acquires AST Modular

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