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    Envisioning a sustainable future

    Innovation is leading the way toward a carbon-neutral world. Discover how in our Strategy & Sustainability Highlights Report.

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    • Changing the world with innovation at every level

      We’re proud to be among the top 25 companies in Fortune Magazine’s Change the World ranking.

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      Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy

      Our mission is to help businesses meet their energy challenge -keep global warming below the 2°C limit- while achieving better operational efficiency. We put ethics and responsibility at the center of our interactions with our customers, partners and suppliers, employees, and the communities where we operate. We want to be a corporate citizen and a responsible employer. In new economies, we develop solutions to provide reliable energy to the 1.1 billion people that do not have access to energy. In mature economies, we address the hundreds of millions of people living in fuel poverty.
      • Sustainability performance Follow Schneider Electric's sustainability performance, quarter by quarter.
      • Diversity and Inclusion Diversity is our heritage and our future. Be part of it!
      • Access to Energy Schneider Electric addresses this challenge through the Access to Energy program.
      • Environment Schneider Electric commits to protecting the environment and health.
      • Fuel poverty Engagements to tackle the energy gap all around the world.
      • Schneider Electric Foundation The Schneider Electric Foundation aims to contribute to the development of people and societies.
      • Responsibility and Ethics Schneider Electric commits to do business while promoting the highest standards of ethics.
      • Climate Change We help customers sustain resources, reduce C02 emissions, and better manage more livable environments.
      • 2016 Strategy & Sustainability Highlights A new school of energy access

        Discover in our Strategy & Sustainability Highlights how connected, solar solutions are transforming Nigerian schools — and lives — throughout remote communities.

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      • Annual Report Registration document 2016

        The Annual Report (also called Registration Document) provides an in-depth view on the Group’s strategy, businesses, governance, financial statements, as well as our strong commitment to sustainable development.

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        Integrated report

        This report is a continuation of our integrated approach. It presents a global vision of Schneider Electric in its ecosystem, its strategy for creating shared value, its business model and governance. It includes the main key performance indicators, the significant achievements of the year, and how the Group creates value for each stakeholder. Download the report
        • Fostering sustainability through training in energy in Cambodia

          Since 2008, through the Access to Energy program, Schneider Electric supports the Center Kram Ngoy (CKN) for the training and professional integration of Cambodia's young, underprivileged people, as well as the training of the trainers of CKN, and the development of entrepreneurship.