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    The backbone of your data center that provides containment to racks of any size and scales at the pod level

    • HyperPod

      HyperPod offers the speed and flexibility needed to support todays fast paced and ever changing data center environments.With support for any rack, its easy configuration and integrated power & cooling makes it ideal for pod scale IT deployments.

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    • Keynote from OCPU.S. SUMMIT 2016

      Kevin Brown presents: Hacking the Conventional Data Center Power

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      You are designing and deploying large and hyperscale data centers. You need to deploy fully configured racks of any size in response to the demand for faster deployment cycles. You need the ability to scale at the pod level.
      • Solution

        Hyperpod is a freestanding frame with an overhead support system that integrates with all power and cooling systems.
      • Value Proposition

        • Simple: Allows the deployment of fully configured racks
        • Fast: Speeds up and simplifies the deployment process for data centers
        • Compatible: Integrates with any power and cooling configuration
        • Flexible: Scales in small or large increments