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    Power availability & reliability

  • Power availability interactive tool

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  • ArcelorMittal

    Steel and mining giant, ArcelorMittal, turned to Schneider Electric for assistance in powering a new desulphurization unit to process the gases generated from its coke ovens.

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  • Enel Italy

    Schneider Electric distribution management systems provide more accurate data to predict the impact of power outages, generation, and voltage variation for Enel Italy.

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  • Using key performance indicators to manage power system reliability

    Businesses are finding themselves drowning in a sea of power monitoring data. Today’s systems collect too much data — managers have trouble extracting the critical “nuggets” of useful information on power reliability. This paper discusses how taking a key performance indicator (KPI)–based approach to power monitoring allows personnel to focus more on strategic goals, translate data into actionable intelligence, and get more comprehensive insight into power reliability and “see the forest for the trees.”

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    You can’t rely on utility power to give you the reliability you need. Even a short outage can cause chaos for your business. Power quality issues can plague your operations, increasing downtime, wasting time and materials, and destroying processes and equipment.
    • Power quality management, analysis and compliance

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    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Default Alternative Text Improved power reliability and minimized downtime Avoid outages, equipment damage and failures, and interruption of critical operations.If your business runs 24/7/365, we can help you with critical power solutions and expertise.
    • Graph up icon Improved power quality Power quality is key to maximizing reliability.Poor power quality can wreak havoc with equipment, trip breakers, and create unnecessary crises.