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    Preconfigured Systems

  • InfraStruxure for Small IT White Boarding Video

    This video explains the core principles of InfraStruxure for Small IT and how they help our customers solve their most pressing IT related issues.

  • InfraStruxure: Simple, Adaptable, Manageable

    InfraStruxure is integrated, rule-based system architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from planning to design, installation & operation of your physical IT installations. It is simple to plan, design and install, adaptable to your business needs and budget and easily manageable with software and lifecycle services.

  • InfraStruxure: InfraStruxure Designer

    InfraStruxure Designer is industry-leading software tool that empowers Schneider Electric employees and partners to rapidly and accurately plan, design and quote best in class data center solutions.

  • InfraStruxure: Applications

    While InfraStruxure is the perfect solution for turnkey data centers, there are three additional applications where InfraStruxure will minimize risks and ensure business continuity: deploying converged IT architecture, refreshing existing data centers and moving in or out of colocation.

    A Schneider Electric employee showing data to a man in a data center.


    Some challenges include: changing technologies, scarcity of CAPEX, remote environments, availability, risk management, and management of OPEX.
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    Preconfigured Systems

    The integrated data center architecture that is adaptable, scalable and reduces time and complexity.
    • Network Closets

      Ensure availability of your gateway to your cloud services and in-house applications Find Out More
    • Server Rooms

      Solutions for small IT environments that are simple to configure, order and install Find Out More

    Why work with Schneider Electric?

    • Data centres and networks icon Prefabricated data center modules InfraStruXure® fully integrates power, cooling, rack, management, security and environmental and services for a complete data center solution.
    • Default Alternative Text On demand architecture This on demand architecture allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular and mobile configurations for any IT environment, from wiring closets to large data centers.


    • Default Alternative Text Standardized components make for a quick, easy deployment process that takes days as opposed to weeks.
    • Default Alternative Text Preconfigured systems can be used for a retrofit or a completely new build.
    • Default Alternative Text Preconfigured solutions deliver high quality, speed and efficiency-driven cost savings – all at the same time.
    • Default Alternative Text System components, which are designed to work together ‘out of the box’, go through extensive analysis and testing to ensure the maximum level of reliability you deserve from best-in-class equipment.
    • Default Alternative Text Easy-to-design, build and deploy modular, scalable, customized solutions made from standardized and integrated components.
    • Default Alternative Text Preconfigured solutions can be deployed as a zoned, ‘pay-as-you-grow’ scalable architecture solution for medium/large data center environments.