• Artist rendering of a server facility, data center operations
    Factory built solutions that increase predictability, speed to deployment and scalability.

    Prefabricated Systems

    • Data centers at your door Prefabricated modules from Schneider Electric

      Prefabricated IT and hydronics modules from Schneider Electric are coming your way.  While you prep your site, we build your data center and deliver it right to your facility.

    • Prefabricated data centers Solution overview

      Our prefabricated data center solutions are predictable, flexible and fast to deploy. See how we solve the business challenges associated with traditional data center designs.

    • Chico's data center Portable IT power

      Chico's data center was originally in South Florida, a hurricane-prone area. When moving the facility for future expansion, they chose our prefabricated solution because it met their needs of fast deployment, safety, simplification, cost saving and efficiency.

    • Prefabricated solutions

      The disruptive technology in data center infrastructure

      Kevin Brown, our VP Global Data Center Strategy and Technology, talks to Financial Sector Technology about the changes in data center infrastructure, the forces behind the spread of modular, prefabricated solutions and why this technology will transform the data center industry.

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      Your existing building infrastructure cannot support the future growth of your data center, or you have a greenfield opportunity to build without constraints. You need a solution that offers predictable performance, fast deployment, flexibility and scalability.
      Prefabricated Data Center stand alone modules, data center operations.

      Prefabricated data center modules

      Stand-alone data center configurations from 90 kw to 2 MW

      Why work with us

      • Default Alternative Text Prefabricated data center modules Our power, cooling and IT modules are customizable solutions fully supported with integrated management software and life cycle services.
      • Data centres and networks icon Flexible solutions Our solutions deliver predictable performance, faster deployment, scalability and flexibility to address data center challenges.


      • Default Alternative Text Pre-engineered and wired with tested hardware and software
      • Default Alternative Text Offering multiple form factors and power ranges
      • Default Alternative Text Arriving on-site, ready to deploy quickly and easily
      • Default Alternative Text Fewer decisions necessary for planning and design
      • Default Alternative Text Building blocks used together to form a data center solution
      • Default Alternative Text Suitable for indoor and outdoor deployment