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    Process automation solutions

  • Making Cheese with PlantStruxure

    South Caernarfon Creameries started making cheese the old fashioned way, by hand, but as they grew they quickly realized they needed an automated process to keep their product consistent. Enter PlantStruxure™, which brought easy-to-use process control to their factory.

  • Enabling clean results in mining

    As a leader in cleaning up  coal mine tips, RecyCoal needed to integrate process automation to get the most from their machines. They turned to PlantStruxure to monitor, maintain, and automate what was once a manually run operation.

  • Reducing power consumption

    See how our PlantStruxure solution helped Australia's Wide Bay Water Corporation reduce power consumption in their largest wastewater treatment plant by 12.5%.

  • Increasing energy and production efficiency

    See how our PlantStruxure solution has brought Total, a state-run ethanol producer, into the forefront of Brazil's bio-fuel industry.

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    Your challenges are multiplied by the volatile state of the global economy. The demands on process automation systems increase and go beyond simple regulatory functions. Your process automation system is tool, not only to manage your plant, but also to lower energy consumption, costs and emissions. It supports your production and business decisions and prepares your plant and operations for the future.
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    Our process automation solutions

    • Continuous process automation

      A Process Automation System that provides operational integrity to your plant, operational insight to your people and a future-proof platform for your operation. Find Out More
    • Discrete automation

      Optimize your discrete operations with minimized project risk, reduced installation and maintenance costs. Find Out More
    • Hybrid process automation

      An innovative control system to turn your efficiency vision into real-life energy savings. Find Out More
    • Process safety

      Manage risk and hazards and avoid unscheduled asset downtime and maximize process uptime. Find Out More
    • Remote automation

      Manage your remote operations in critical infrastructure with complete and integrated field-to-enterprise offers. Find Out More
    • Machine automation

      Reduce your time for design installation, and commissioning with flexible, validated and ready-to-use architectures. Find Out More
    • Solutions delivered by System Integrators

      Find a trusted Schneider Electric System Integrator, with demonstrated experience and professionalism in control system integration, to deliver your next project. Find Out More
    • Solutions delivered by Collaborative Automation Partners

      Whether you are a partner or a customer, maximize your automation project with Schneider Electric’s complimentary solutions and offer. Find Out More
    • Industrial Automation Services

      A complete set of services from design studies to modernisation to help maximise your business infrastructure. Find Out More

    Why work with us

    • Handshake icon Experience makes all the difference. We understand your challenges. As a leader in process automation and energy management, we have been delivering solutions for industry for over 40 years. We know that your application is unique, so we offer flexible and secure architectures that can be tailored to meet your process needs for greater agility, efficiency and safety.
    • Time icon Invest today. Succeed tomorrow. The PlantStruxure automation offer brings together our remote, discrete, hybrid and continuous process applications with complete life cycle services to boost efficiency throughout your operations. From shop floor to top floor, PlantStruxure connects via an open Ethernet architecture using proven technologies and a powerful industrial software portfolio.


    • Blue Graph up icon Take advantage of the IoT, enable operational excellence and improve your overall business performance.
    • Blue mobile device icon Diagnose your installation in real-time from your tablet and smart phone.
    • Blue continuity icon #1 Safety system with more than 600 million hours without failure on demand.
    • Blue time icon With Modicon M580, save 25% in development time with zero production lost during your application change.
    • Blue Graph Down icon Reduce up to 30% your energy consumption thanks to PlantStruxure PES.
    • Blue Schneider One icon Manage with the right perspective, operate with the best information, engineer with intuitive ease and protect your business.