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    EcoStruxure™ for Mining Operations and Supply Chain

    Digital mining operations allow you to centralize and integrate business, sustainability, energy, maintenance and mine management software to achieve a highly optimized value chain.

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    Connect your enterprise to tomorrow’s IoT economy

    EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centers, industry and grid.

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    Schneider Electric offers a fully integrated approach to energy management.

    We combine advanced metering and reporting with comprehensive services for consulting, procurement and project management to make a difference.


    Effective energy efficiency and sustainability targets can only be achieved through continuous improvement and programs.

    > Manage operations in real time 
    > Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
    > Reduce environmental footprint
    > Achieve business goals


    A fully integrated approach for field inspections, condition monitoring, predictive analytics and enterprise asset management.

    > Condition monitoring and management collects and analyzes real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets to drive appropriate actions that improve overall asset performance
    > Predictive analytics provides continuous, real-time asset performance monitoring
    > Performance tools that deliver real-time contextual analytics related to OEE and downtime


    Asset management solutions help operations and maintenance teams detect and reduce the occurrence of failures and develop maintenance plans.

    > Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs
    > Identify underperforming assets
    > Reduce unscheduled downtime
    > Prevent equipment failure


    Our integrated planning an optimization solution (IPOS) delivers business decisions from blasting to final product shipment. IPOS delivers specific solutions for mining operations:

    > Supply chain, inventory and performance management
    > Metal accounting, delay accounting/downtime
    > Water and energy awareness


    An integrated solution helps deliver products to market at the right time, in the right grade and quality at the right cost

    > Planning and scheduling to optimize resource-to-market chain
    > Local operating plans driven by the global plan, not vice-versa
    > Capable production, asset and process performance
    > Better decision making through reliable and timely information
    > Cost savings by reducing energy and water usage


    Schneider Electric delivers unparalleled weather solutions and insight:

    > Top-rated forecasts
    > Custom, patented weather alerts
    > Real-time lighting display and detection
    > Professional forecast consulting
    > On-site weather stations


    With precise weather forecasting, miners can anticipate site flooding, adverse road conditions, better plan machinery maintenance and protect employees from weather hazards.

    > Safety for employees and the community
    > Increased productivity
    > Improvement in schedule and handling maintenance issue

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    Centralized/ remote operations centers provide a better environment for decision-making problem solving, and Schneider Electric provides solutions that meet their various needs and requirements.

    > IT infrastructure
    > Collaboration platforms
    > Data collection, validation and aggregation


    Central control operations deliver intelligence focused on common needs and challenges at near real-time

    > Collaboration between sites and plants
    > Remote monitoring and diagnostics
    > Benchmarking
    > Advanced process and supply chain optimization
    > Asset efficiency
    > Analytics capabilities
    > Resource to market visibility

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