Harmony, obviously!

    Building high-performance machines and panels has never been easier. We offer all the pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights you need. It's a solution without compromise.


    • Default Alternative Text Robustness - Performance to withstand even the harshest environments
    • Default Alternative Text Modern design - A touch of style for electrical panels and machines
    • Default Alternative Text Installation savings - Designed for efficiency that helps keep costs down
    • Default Alternative Text Operational efficiency – Innovative features to make operations simpler and more efficient
    • Default Alternative Text A simple selection - Just 100 product references to cover 80% of all needs
    • Green Schneider One icon A single provider - The most comprehensive product range on the market
    • A single provider and a simple choice

      Where can I find the pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights I need ?
      Discover a unique offer that minimizes the number of references to stock.

    • Faster, easier installation

      How can I save time on my electrical and control panel installation jobs?
      Discover our latest pushbuttons designed to help you keep costs down.

    • Operational efficiency

      How do I make it easier to adjust my machines for greater precision?
      Discover Harmony Potentiometer and Timer for easy, convenient setting adjustments to boost your machine precision like never before!

    • Robust in all conditions

      How can I keep my ship and my harbor machinery at peak performance, in spite of salt, splashing waves, vibrations and constraining certifications?
      Discover a range of pushbuttons fitting your needs for marine applications.

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      Optimize maintenance cost with Harmony, obviously!

      What if your production line stopped because of a single pushbutton? With Harmony, you get the tools to optimize your preventive maintenance. Know more
      • Robustness without compromise How can I keep machines operating at peak performance in any environment?
      • Simple, secure connections Can I offer my customers ease-of-use, even when updating their machines?
      • Robustness in all conditions Is it possible to ensure my operators can work safely, especially in extreme conditions?
      • Harmony flush mounting kit The New Harmony flush mounting kit is a cost-effective solution designed to upgrade the aesthetics of your Harmony pushbuttons and pilot lights, whether plastic or metal. Want to know more