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    Tune in to your digital sixth sense.

    Know data center events before they happen by fine-tuning your expert sensory perception (ESP).

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    So long, analog ways …

    Go digital to tap in to real-time, data-driven insights from our data center experts.

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    The connectivity you need to disconnect.

    The eyes and expertise of our 24/7 digital service Network Operations Center (NOC) give you greater mobility and peace of mind.

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    • An extra sense for uptime

      Download our complimentary StruxureOn ™ software and app for 24/7 expert monitoring, insights, and intelligent alarms - right from your smartphone!

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      • Digital service: what’s in it for you? Learn more about the cloud-based StruxureOn Network Operations Center and smart phone app with live chat capabilities.
      • From reactive to proactive data center operations Top data-driven event diagnostics, insights, and predictive analytics.
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      See it. Fix it. Fast.

      Learn how digital monitoring with a 24/7 chat tool changes data center operations and maintenance for the better!

      Gain data-driven insights

      Download and gain insight into your data center in as little as 30 minutes.
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