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    We drive innovation.

    And we do it at every level. Discover how Schneider Electric leads a new world of energy with connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.

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    Through calm or chaos, the power to predict

    From emergency room to executive office, ensure safety, reliability, comfort, and improve your hospital’s financial health. Do more with EcoStruxure™ Innovation At Every Level.

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    A cup of coffee, augmented reality, and true love…

    There’s a lot happening from shop floor to top floor. Expect more when operational and information technology are interconnected like never before. It’s all made possible by EcoStruxure™ Innovation At Every Level.

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    EcoStruxure: Innovation At Every Level

    With innovation at every level, we are redefining power and automation for a new world of energy.
    At Schneider Electric, we make it possible for IoT-enabled solutions to seamlessly connect, collect, analyze and act on data in real-time delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.
    This is innovation at every level, across connected products, edge control and apps, analytics and services.
    Welcome to the next generation of active energy management and automation architecture: EcoStruxure.
    Schneider Electric surveyed more than 2,500 business decision-makers around the world about the future of IoT, how to realize immediate IoT value, and their observations of success

    • The New World of Energy in 3D+E More Electric

      faster growth of electricity demand compared to energy demand by 2040

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      Discover EcoStruxure™

      A single, open IoT system that lets you compete in today’s digital world, EcoStruxure™ is a game-changer. Discover enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for your business today. Download now

      Living without energy


      mom and children at water collection site, access to energy

      According to the 2015 Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Global Tracking Framework, 1.1 billion people (roughly the population of China) in developing Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and in rural areas do not have access to electricity – the grid simply isn’t there.

      Sustainability Reporting and Business Growth in 8 Steps


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      When it comes to sustainability reporting, companies may feel like they’re in an increasingly uncomfortable public-private vise. On one side, consumers and shareholders are pressuring organizations to be better corporate citizens and increase transparency...

      Skilling up for the future


      Young technicians study energy management

      Worldwide, Schneider Electric is helping individuals, households, and communities gain access to energy using a variety of innovative, energy-efficient, and reliable solutions.