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    Transforming industry with automation

    Global energy demand is rising, putting increasing pressure on industry to increase efficiency by digitizing. See how Schneider Electric™ is helping industries tap into the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things to improve productivity and control, and create more value.

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    Farm-to-fork innovation

    Find out how the Internet of Things and Schneider Electric™ Innovation At Every Level lead to sustainable efficiency in the food and beverage industry.

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    Digitizing Oil & Gas

    Today, Oil & Gas companies must embrace big data and the Internet of Things to get ahead in the industry. Take a look at our interactive story to see how IoT is helping transform the way they do business.

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    Intuitive Industries

    The industry of tomorrow will be different. More volatile markets, new technology capabilities, increased pressure on performance. With change comes opportunity. Our innovative solutions analyze all the plant floor operational data, integrate it with external data, and put it into context to enable better, faster plant management decisions. The next industrial revolution is here. It’s all made possible by innovation at every level in industries across connected products, edge control and apps, analytics and services.
    • New wave efficiencies

      IIoT concepts are changing the Oil & Gas industry business model. What does the new Industrial IoT age mean for R&D? We take a deep dive at CERAWeek.

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      • Intuitive Industries

        Disruptive technologies will turn industrial plants into smart, interconnected centers of efficiency, productivity and safety. Take a deep dive into the future of industrial automation.

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        • A cup of coffee, augmented reality, and true love…

          There’s a lot happening from shop floor to top floor. Expect more when operational and information technology are interconnected with innovation at every level.

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          Fresh look at industrial automation systems

          Deep dive into the new Industrial Automation System Topologies made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things.
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          Readying plant managers for IoT integration

          Factory workers in bottling plant

          Most plant managers are familiar with tough transitions. Over the years, lean manufacturing, quality controls, and new government regulations have all played a role in placing high stress on the plant manager. Now, the latest wave of change...