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Solar Streetlight

Today, 1.3 billion people in the world do not have access to energy. These populations, living at the “Base of the Pyramid” suffer from poor health, social and economic development conditions whilst paying a large part of their revenue for a harmful and polluting energy. The solution will come from a combination of competencies, funding and innovative solutions developed with and for the local populations.
Villaya solar streetlights are plug and play products that provide an efficient street lighting to all remote or off-grid areas, avoiding electricity bills, trenching, cabling nor on site assembly.
These solar streetlights offer a powerful lighting all night long, to enhance personal safety, economic and social activities at nightfall.
Value Proposition
  • Different LED solar streetlights available, to answer to all king of needs according to the region, the lighting power requirement, the applicatin, etc.
  • Highly efficient LED light engine that provides the best ratio of lumens per watt
  • Very long lifetime without maintenance, thanks to the innovative high heat resistance NiMH battery and the smart management system
  • User friendly, with versatile designs and plug and play concepts
Differentiation Factors
  • Unique integrated concept, with all the elements on top of the pole, for a quick and easy installation and to prevent from vandalism.
  • Innovative battery technology and patented smart energy management system, to guarantee no blackout, even during cloudy periods.
  • Tropicalized solar streetlights, to resist to high temperatures and to extreme weather conditions during 10 years and without maintenance, making them the most affordable of all maintenance-free products.
  • Real lighting service with a unique LED light output, and the support throughout the entire lighting project included.

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