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Weather Solutions for DOTs and Public Works

  • Public works agencies need accurate precipitation start times to efficiently schedule crews for winter road maintenance
  • Public works agencies need accurate weather and pavement forecasts to schedule effective anti-icing programs
  • Public safety is the main objective for winter road maintenance
  • Public works crews need to monitor traffic and pavement conditions (Road Weather Information System, or RWIS), as well as weather, during extreme conditions 
Accurate winter road forecasts and weather information are critical to safe, efficient road transportation.

Schneider Electric's transportation-oriented weather services can do it all for you: collect accurate weather observations and measurements, preserve data quality through communication networks, and deliver it in the most useful format.

Schneider Electric's expertise can help you make better road operations decisions with:
  • Pavement forecasts and treatment recommendations
  • Alerts to the weather conditions of most importance to you, including freezing rain, snow, and high winds
  • Information affecting traffic management and 511 systems
Value Proposition
  • Improve road safety
  • Anticipate weather-affected street and road conditions for personnel and equipment readiness
  • Save fuel, labour, and chemical costs by applying treament chemical only when and where needed
  • Improve taxpayer satisfaction
Differentiation Factors
  • Patented, location-specific alerting capbility only available at Schneider Electric
  • Temperature and precipitation forecasts have been independently rated #1 for the past six consecutive years
  • Only weather provider that gives you the ability to submit your weather questions to an experienced meteorologist
  • Available worldwide
  • Only provider of mapping software that allows you to layer weather, RWIS and traffic on a single interface
Products & Systems
Global Supervision
  • Telvent Weather
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