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Weather Solutions for Helicopters

  • Helicopter operators need to make quick go/no-go decisions
  • Weather is one of the leading factors in helicopter accidents
  • Helicopter operators need very specific, low-level aviation weather
Schneider Electric provides pilots quick access to the weather information they need, in order to safely make 'go/no go' decisions at a moment's notice.  The product can be accessed via PC, smart phone, or tablet device and includes patented, location-specfic alerting capabilities and real-time lightning strike display and detection.  In addition, Schneider Electric offers an exclusive display solution that allows helicopter operators to see all fixed and in-flight assets on a single interface, and the impact the weather is having on each.
Value Proposition
  • Proactive alerts -- regarding wind, low ceiling, visibility, lightning and other parameters critical to your go/no-go decisions
  • Tablet accessible weather briefings, allowing for quick access to the critical weather information pilots need to ensure safe, efficient flights
  • Pre-flight weather briefings -- with flight-risk checklist preferred by pilots
  • Real-time, high-resolution radar -- particularly reliable for detecting low clouds and fog
  • Industry-leading precipitation forecast accuracy -- ranked most accurate in independent evaluation for six years in a row, to support your decision making
  • Exclusive display that allows operators to see all assets and the impact the weather is having on each, on a single, convenient interface
Differentiation Factors
  • Available worldwide
  • Patented, location-specific alerting capability only available at Schneider Electric
  • Compliant with US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) OpSpec AO21
  • Compliant with Europe's Jar Ops III operating specifications
  • Temperature and precipitation forecasts that have been independently rated #1 for the past six consecutive years
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  • Telvent Weather
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