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Weather Solutions for Construction

  • Need to accurately schedule outside jobs around the weather, especially precipitation
  • Making informed, weather-related decisions is critical to the business, as it will reduce risks, cut costs, and maximise resources
  • Need to know what conditions, such as lightning, to expect prior to a storm -- in order to comply with safety regulations
Schneider Electric helps thousands of construction professionals make weather-related decisions that enhance efficiency, safety, and their bottom-line.  Schneider Electric offers accurate, construction-focused weather information; one-of-a-kind tools, customisable for your job sites; and flexible Internet or mobile delivery of the information you need, when and where you need it.
Value Proposition
  • Patented PrecipTimer® lets you know when rain will start, and how long it's expected to last
  • Location-specific forecasts for each job site, available daily or hourly for the immediate 36 hours
  • Customisable alerts for conditions of most importance to you, such as precipitation, lightning, and wind
  • Online Q and A with an experienced meteorologist, any time of the day or night, for professional insight when making important decisions
  • Convenient accessibility via PC or mobile device -- plus new smartphone apps for Android™ and Apple® iPhone® devices that deliver GPS-based forecasts and alerts for your exact location

Differentiation Factors
  • Precipitation forecasts that have been independently-rated as the industry's most accurate for six consecutive years, to help you better manage labor decisions and material costs
  • Exclusive consultations with professional meteorologists, 24/7, either online or via phone so you can confidently plan operations and customer expectations
  • Patented, customisable alerts that warn of weather conditions of concern to your operations, to help avoid weather-related injuries and damaged materials
  • Available worldwide

Products & Systems
Global Supervision
  • Telvent Weather
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