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Data Center Life Cycle Services > Design

What am I going to improve or build?
You need to develop a data center design that affords your business the reliability, flexibility and scalability to meet your unique business objectives.  Your floor space and physical infrastructure constraints make it difficult to optimize a design.
1. Detailed component lists and costs
2. Exact floor plan of the entire data center physical infrastructure
3. Detailed installation instructions
4. Detailed project schedule
5. Actual “as built” characteristics of the design (efficiency, density, and expandability)
Value Proposition
Our end-to-end data center expertise combined with proven methodologies, robust design tools, and an extensive library of reference designs makes it fast, simple and cost effective to develop a customized data center design to your exact specifications.  Whether you only need facility power or cooling, an IT room infrastructure or security, or even an entire end-to-end data center design, Schneider Electric has over 7,000 trained specialists who are ready to help you with your unique design needs.
Differentiation Factors
  • Extensive library of data center reference designs
  • Specialists who design data center physical infrastructures daily: from rack to room to row
  • Wordwide relationships with local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)
  • Significantly shortens completion timeframe – 30 days or less to complete design process

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