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PT Indonesia Power UBP Saguling (IPUS)

New control system leads to improved plant performance (700 MW) (Indonesia)

Customer Profile
The UPB Saguling Generation Business Unit is located in West Java and uses hydro power as its prime energy supply. The development of hydro power plants (PLTA) is one of the government's efforts to maintain diversification in power generation as well as conservation of natural fuel oil. Saguling Generation Business Unit currently oversees eight hydro power power plants: PLTA Saguling, PLTA Plengan, PLTA Lamajan, PLTA Cikalong, PLTA Bengkok and Dago, PLTA Ubrug, PLTA Kracak and PLTA Parakankondang.
PLTA Saguling is one of the most important electric power producers in Indonesia, especially in Pulau Jawa (Java Island). The plant contains four high-capacity generators, with each generating 175 MW and equipped with a Load Frequency Control System (LFC) that provides a 500 kW stable frequency. The system is also equipped with a 500 kV Line Charging Mode for first voltage filing, in the event of downtime.
Company Teravisindo Sukses (CTS) is an Alliance System Integrator partner of Schneider Electric in Indonesia and an authorized distributor of Citect. CTS possess global know-how and expertise in the Power sector and Utilities and Hydro Power Generation industry.

Customer objectives
The customer wanted to re-engineer the control system to reduce the potential problem of the existing device and create a new control system to be developed using components that can easily be procured.
  • The existing control system had been in operation for almost 20 years and components for controllers were not readily available.
  •  Parts are very expensive and can take up to 6 months to arrive.
  •  If a faulty controller were to malfunction, the unit would shut down for extended periods, resulting in huge production losses and costs.
  •  Problems were occurring in command and display of both the accessing ladder program (sequence and controlling) and the HMI system. In the long run, this dependency affects employee's performance in the system control maintenance field.
  •  A new control system would enhance the skill and knowledge of employees from PT Indonesia Power and utilize industry standard materials that are commonly available on the market.

Customer benefits
  •  Flexible state-of-the-art control system that will grow as needs change.
  •  Lower operation overheads.
  •  Lower risk from human intervention and system failure.
  •  Real-time quality information for better decision-making and improved plant performance.
  •  Reduced plant shutdown time and costs.
  •  All information needed (i.e. machine malfunctions, annunciating alarms and machine trips) is saved and served to the data server automatically.
  •  Reduced need for replacing components.
  •  Shortened recovery time for errors.

Customer testimonies(Verbatim)
"We are very happy with the success of the overall implementation and modernization of the Saguling Power Plant. The speed of adoption by the customer in operating the modern controlled plant is very pleasing to us. We are all very proud to have been associated with this project and particularly of the proven data access and reliability of the system since commissioning in 2005."
- Final message from Teravisindo Sukses, Alliance System Integrator of Schneider Electric.

Implementation Methodology
  •  The Management of PT Indonesia Power UBP Saguling made the decision to re-engineer the existing control system.
  •  The old configuration, electrical single line diagram and plant operation had to be identified before designing the new system configuration.
  •  Specific design procedures had to be covered for most types of equipment being controlled.

                         - Other considerations include environmental effects, basic reliability and availability, sufficient recording equipment, and protective functions.
  • Analysis was conducted to understand the existing infrastructure

                         - Software and hardware references were examined for both the controller and the HMI to replace
                           the old system.
  •  A new configuration was prepared detailing the hardware layout, planning and drawing of the cable schedule and creation of the application.
  •  A simulation was conducted to test the program prior to its installation in the plant, to verify system performance and identify program and connection errors.
  •  The program was installed and commissioned.

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors
  •  In partnership with Citect SCADA, Schneider Electric specifically designed a new control system to meet the customer's specific requirements.
  •  A competent engineering team provided support and knowledge throughout the project's duration.
  •  Due to their Schneider's reputation and global expertise, the Management of PT Indonesia Power UBP Saguling had complete trust in Schneider Electric.

Solution overview

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Schneider Electric successfully implemented a control system with Citect SCADA that enabled the integration of HMI and data operation reporting systems. The team replaced the aging Automatic Sequence Control Equipment (ASCE) with the new SE control system and replaced the old Supervisory Control Equipment (SCE) with the new Citect SCADA computer based (windows) control system, Unit Pengontrol Proses Otomatis (UPPO). Modicon Quantum with Ethernet communication was used to modify the old control system and Citect SCADA was used to develop the HMI or data operation reporting system. The new system uses PC (Personal Computer) for both command and display.
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Solution overview
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