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Life Sciences customers prioritize improved efficiency; reduced operating costs; information technology; preventing revenue lost to expiration; increased R&D productivity; and protecting intellectual property, materials, finished goods, and employees. Such goals demand flawless performance from every organizational facet while adhering to strict regulatory expectations. Rising energy costs and energy efficiency measures have become key drivers for sustainable development and corporate responsibility concerns.
Schneider Electric delivers unparalleled building performance by creating a sustainable business which meets regulatory requirements, reduces time to market, and enhances the safety and security of employees and assets. Efficient and green, our solutions save up to 30% of energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. With our EcoStruxure system architecture, you benefit from one fully integrated system, while reducing your CapEx up to 15%. Our Life Sciences solutions enable customers to protect the health and improve the quality of life for the world's population.
  • United States - This showcase LEED Platinum certified corporate headquarters reduced energy consumption by 42% and water consumption by 34%.
  • Canada - This trusted blood component laboratory installed a tailored BMS by Schneider Electric to meet strict validation requirements, fully integrating pharmaceutical GAMP 4 guidelines.
  • United States - This global healthcare leader reduced energy costs by 10%, increased productivity by 10% and has 99% power reliability in its corporate headquarters.

View our customer case study video to learn how Schneider Electric is helping to build an innovative and intelligent research facility for the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

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