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Electric Utilities

As more Distributed Energy  Resources feed the network and Renewable Generation  continues to grow, more grid intelligence is required to reinforce unpredictable and intermittent operations and keep the lights on.
Infrastructure assets are aging and investment plans are stretched, only innovative improvements and upgrades will ensure reduced CapEx  and OpEx  targets be met while complying with safety and efficiency regulations.
Current business models are flagging, leveraging existing customer relationships to provide new energy services will be key  to generating revenue.
Enabling the smart utility Schneider Electric:
  • Installs robust equipment and solutions throughout network infrastructures to safely and reliably produce and distribute electricity, while connecting more renewables and improving operational efficiency by as much as 10%.
  • Makes the link between grid devices and IT control center systems to manage operations and optimize both assets and workforce.
  • Has extensive expertise of both sides of the meter to leverage flexibility from energy suppliers and consumers to balance the supply  and demand of energy in increasingly  complex environments

  • France - Solairedirect, one of the leading independent power producers in Photovoltaic Solar in France will run its 4.2 MW plant in Vinon-sur-Verdon to supply more than 2000 homes with a complete Schneider Electric solution
  • India - NDPL Utility, recognized as a reference, a technical and an opinion leader in India serves 1,000,000 customers in India. Schneider Electric feeder automation solutions provided efficient fa...

Find out more about our role in the innovative GreenLys, the first full scale Smart Grid demonstration project.

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