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Enclosures and Accessories

More than 50 years experience in multi-purpose enclosures & thermal management solutions for control, electrical distribution and IT/Telecom panels.
Spacial SM
Steel floor-standing compact enclosures
Spacial SF
Steel floor-standing suitable enclosures
Spacial S3X
Stainless-steel wall-mounting enclosures
Spacial S3D
Steel wall-mounting enclosures
Spacial CRN
Steel wall-mounting enclosures
Thalassa PLM
Polyester wall-mounting enclosures
Thalassa PLS
Insulating modular boxes
Thalassa PLA
Polyester floor-standing enclosures
ClimaSys CV
Forced ventilation
ClimaSys CC
Thermal Control
ClimaSys CR
ClimaSys CR
Human-Machine Interface enclosures
Human-Machine dialogue enclosures
Spacial SFM compartmentalised
Floor-standing steel enclosures with a complete, fixed solution for MCCs
Outdoor Heavy Duty offer
Enclosures optimized to overcome outdoor installation challenges
Lighting and other accessories
LED lamps, door accesories and more for your enclosures
Configuration and quotation of enclosures.
Linergy TR terminals blocks
Spring type, screw type and push-in type help streamline all your electrical installations
Industrial Plugs and Sockets
Linergy power busbars
Linergy BS, BW, LGY, LGYE, BZ