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Medium-Voltage Transformers

Complete range of Dry type and Oil immersed transformers up to 80 MVA and 170 kV for standard and special applications
Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer up to 15MVA - 36kV
Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer up to 25MVA-52kV
Epoxy Resin/Fiber Glass Dry Type Transformer up to 25MVA - 36kV
Minera - Ground Mounted
Oil-Immersed Transformer up to 3.15 MVA, 36 kV, 50/60 Hz
Minera - Pole Mounted
Oil-Immersed Transformer up to 500kVA 36kV pole mounted
Minera HE+
Amorphous oil transformer up to 1600kVA - 36kV
BC Imprego
Impregnated transformers up to 5 MVA - 12 kV
Minera MP
Oil-Immersed Medium Power Transformer up to 100 MVA
Minera SGrid
Smart Grid Oil-immersed transformer up to 1000kVA-36kV
Minera PV
Oil type transformer for Photovoltaic up to 4MVA - 36kV
Minera HG
Homopolar Generator up to 24kV - 10A (permanent current)
Minera SP
Self Protected Transformer up to 630kVA - 24kV
Minera R
Rectifier Transformer up to 80MVA, 170kV
Minera Ex
Transformers for explosive areas 60MVA, 36kV
Minera E
Earthing Transformer up to 72.5kV - 15,000A (earth fault limit)
Compact & Fire Resistant Oil-Immersed Transformer up to 3.3MVA - 36kV
Vegetable Oil-Immersed Transformer up to 100MVA - 170kV
BC Indugo
Impregnated and Cast Resin dry type Inductances up to 24 kV - 20kA