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Feeder Automation

Medium Voltage distribution network management
Easergy T300
A powerful Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for Feeder automation
Easergy Flair 200C
Remote Monitoring Unit for MV Substations
Easergy Flite 116-SA
Communicating Fault Passage Indicator
Easergy Flite G200
Remote Terminal Unit for Fault Passage Indicators
Easergy R200 and ATS100
Control and Monitoring Interface for Distribution Substations and Automatic Transfer System
Easergy T200I/T200E
Telecontrol Interface for MV Substations
Easergy T200P
Telecontrol Interface for Pole-Mounted Load Break Switch
Easergy Flair
Fault Passage Indicators for Underground Network
Easergy Flite
Fault Passage Indicator for Overhead Networks
Easergy L500
Easergy Range Dedicated Remote Control System
Robust, flexible, and secure enterprise solution
Compact, scalable, powerful communications
SAITEL DR Remote Terminal Unit & Controller
Compact, scalable, powerful communications
Easergy PS100
Backup power supply for MV substations