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      Up to speed in Atlanta

      How colocation provider Internap is setting the pace.

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      Nous donnons le ton en matière d'innovation.

      Et nous le faisons à tous les niveaux, grâce à EcoStruxure™. Découvrez comment Schneider Electric se positionne en tant que leader dans le nouveau monde de l'énergie avec ses produits connectés, le contrôle à la périphérie et ses applications, ses analyses et ses services.

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      • Up to speed in Atlanta Internap Case Study

        Edge computing helps Internap, a global colocation provider, meet and exceed their customer’s latency and agility needs.


        • Internap’s clients are looking for edge computing capability for lower latency, scalable availability, and ways to quickly ramp up operations and create a dedicated data center infrastructure.

        • Internap is often expected to create and implement these solutions in just 8 to 10 weeks. They needed a partner that could provide the highest-quality products, ensure reliability, and offer support and expertise throughout the product life cycle


        Efficiency and Reliability with EcoStruxure
           Apps, Analytics & Services : Maintenance services
           Edge Control: Buildings management software
           Connected Products: Symmetra MV UPS (1.4 mW protection), Square D® medium-voltage switchgear, Vertical exhaust duct racks, Rack-mount PDU strips, Uniflair™ DX (Direct Expansion) and CW (Chilled Water) cooling systems

        • Internap found exactly what they needed in full-breadth solutions from Schneider Electric™. Modular Symmetra™ UPS systems provide protection and rapid scalability.

        • With these solutions in place, Internap’s clients can assure their customers they will enjoy the best experience, whether it’s lag-free online gaming or speedy delivery of digital advertising.

        • Whenever clients need to upgrade capacity or demand, Internap is ready to accommodate their specific needs.

        Découvrez comment votre entreprise peut réussir avec l'innovation à tous les niveaux.

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        • Symmetra MW UPS (1.4 mW protection)
        • Square D® medium-voltage switchgear
        • Buildings management software
        • Maintenance services
        • Vertical exhaust duct racks
        • Rack-mount PDU strips
        • Uniflair™ DX (Direct Expansion) and CW (Chilled Water) cooling systems