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    Igniting the industrial profit engine

    Discover the true financial value of IIoT and see what will change industrial automation forever...

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Empower your workforce to optimize all your assets. In real time.

By providing the most effective decision-support systems, easy-to-use tools and easily understood information, received in a format that is easily actionable, you'll empower your workforce to make better operating and business decisions, in real time.
  • Travailleurs utilisant un ordinateur portable près d'un puits de pétrole, gaz et pétrole, gestion de l'énergie  

    React faster to information demands

    Accelerate the installation set up and start controlling your operations faster.

    • Improve overall system performance.
    • Reduce the time to manage the system.
    • Optimize capital and maintenance expenditures

    RealStream Lift Station is a fully configurable solution that effectively operates and controls the function of a lift station by offering flexible, user-friendly installation options for both new and existing pump stations.

    Improve your operational efficiency

    Enable your teams to expand operational efficiency.

    • Reduced total cost of ownership with low installation cost, small cabinet space, small power supply.
    • Reduced number of site visits by remote management and diagnostics.
    • Field proven equipment in -40/+70˚C operating temperatures.

    SCADAPacks are a range of Smart RTUs purposely built for extreme temperatures, unreliable and nonpermanent communications, with limited power availability and cabinet space availability.

  • Get complete control over your communications network

    Increase the visibility of your remote assets and process performance represents by having your own communications network.

    • High availability by resilient to single point source faults
    • Simple and rapid system re-configuration
    • Consistent & dependable network performance
    • Long term reliability and availability

    Trio data radio offers total ownership and control of the data radio network for long range communications.

    Conform to regulation requirements with ease

    Leverage a unique combination of innovative technologies to conform to regulations and requirements easier.

    • Improved compliance with regulatory authorities based on flow computation using calculations consistent with the latest standards.
    • Ease-of-use is significantly enhanced for customers implementing logic programs that run concurrently with the flow computer.

    Realflo is a SCADAPack measurement application providing flow computation for natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids.

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