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      Are you prepared for the New Energy Future?

      We partnered with GreenBiz Research to conduct a survey of corporate energy and sustainability programs to understand how organizations are preparing for a decarbonized, decentralized and digitized energy future.

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      A CDP A-list company, seven years in a row

      We are the only industrial company recognized for 7 consecutive years by the CDP A List – and we continue to support customers in identifying business opportunities to address climate risks.

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      Science-based targets: A new area of focus

      Forward-thinking companies are leading the way to a low-carbon future by setting targets aligned with climate science. Download the guide to get started.

      Learn more about SBT’s
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      What is your ecological footprint?

      Do you use more resources than the planet is able to produce?

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      • Climate change, our promise for a greener future

        The rallying cry “There is no Planet B!” has taken on renewed urgency. The world has one chance to get this right: we must keep warming this century within 2° C to stave off the worst effects of climate change.

        Discover Planet A - "Playbook for a sustainable future"
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      “We have a purpose in life: reducing energy consumption for a better planet and bringing energy to people who don’t yet have access to it.

      It gives sense to our innovations.

      We do not value enough this unique specificity and engagement in direction of our employees and in direction of our customers."

      Jean-Pascal Tricoire Chairman & CEO

      Our 2015-2030 commitments to a sustainable future and where we are today

      On the eve of COP21, we presented 10 commitments for sustainability. The objective is to reduce Schneider Electric's emissions on the three scopes of the GHG Protocol and develop new technologies for energy efficiency so that our company and our ecosystem can demonstrate carbon neutrality by 2030.

      Commitment Status at the end of 2017
      By 2017, quantify the carbon impact of 100% of our major customer projects. 100%
      By 2017, design 100% of new products and services in line with Schneider Electric ecoDesign Way™ and generate 75% of product revenue with Green Premium™. ecoDesign Way: 100%, Green Premium: 75%
      In 2015-2017, avoid 120,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions by implementing “end-of-life” product services in compliance with the principles of the circular economy. + 150,000 tonnes of CO2
      In 2015-2025, facilitate access to lighting and communications for 50 million people at the bottom of the pyramid through low-carbon solutions. 20 million people
      Build micro-grids to improve flexible usage and reduce impacts. In progress
      In 2015-2025, offer SF6 gas alternatives and no longer use SF6 gas in our products by 2025. In progress and ahead of schedule
      Starting in 2015, reduce our energy intensity by 3.5% annually. 10%
      Starting in 2015, cut CO2 emissions from transportation by 3.5% annually. 12%
      In the 2015-2025 time frame, invest €10 billion in innovation and R&D for sustainable development. + €3.5 billion
      Issue a Climate Bond to finance low-CO2 R&D across our business units. Issued in October 2015
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        COP22 Partnership After the landmark COP21 held in Paris in Dec. 2015, where the first ever universal climate agreement was unanimously adopted, Schneider Electric once again showcased its commitments to sustainability at the Marrakech Climate Change Conference as an official partner of the event. Read our Press Release Commitment COP22
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        Ratings and Indexes: A world recognition The ratings and indexes underline external recognition of the Group’s sustainability programs. They also ensure continuous improvement and consistency with the expectations of stakeholders. Schneider Electric has been selected within several main index categories. View Ratings and Indexes