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    Our PKI provides integrity to our firmware

    We publish a quarterly update to our Certificate Revocation List, plus an immediate update any time a certificate is revoked

Schneider Electric Certificates are used only for electronic signature with our business partners and clients. Specifically these Certificates are used to validate the authenticity and integrity of the products firmware.

For your security, verify firmware origin before attempting a device update.

Please read the SE_PKI_Disclosure below!

Name Type of documents
ICDMaster.cer Certificat
ICDMaster.crl Revocation List
ModiconMaster.cer Certificat
ModiconMaster.crl Revocation List
EurothermMaster.cer Certificat
EurothermMaster.crl Revocation List
ITDMaster.cer Certificat
ITDMaster.crl Revocation List
SE_PKI_Disclosure Document
SchneiderElectricRootCA.cer Certificate
FirmwareSigningCA.cer Certificate
TimestampCA.cer Certificate
SchneiderElectricRootCA.crl Revocation List
FirmwareSigningCA.crl Revocation List
TimestampCA.crl Revocation List
AdvCommunicationMaster.cer Certificate
EnergyManagementMaster.cer Certificate
LvBreakerMicrologicMaster.cer Certificate
PowerMeasurementMaster.cer Certificate
AdvCommunicationMaster.crl Revocation List
EnergyManagementMaster.crl Revocation List
LvBreakerMicrologicMaster.crl Revocation List
PowerMeasurementMaster.crl Revocation List
MicrologicXSignature.cer Certificate
BreakerETHSignature.cer Certificate
BMSSignature.cer Certificate
BuildingManagementMaster.cer Certificate
BuildingManagementMaster.crl Revocation List
FinalDistributionMaster.cer Certificate
FinalDistributionMaster.crl Revocation List
FinalDistributionSignature.cer Certificate
GeneralPMSignature.cer Certificate
LVBreakerSignature.cer Certificate
LVGeneralMaster.cer Certificate
LVGeneralMaster.crl Revocation List
LVGeneralSignature.cer Certificate
MachineSolutionMaster.cer Certificate
MachineSolutionMaster.crl Revocation List
MachineSolutionsSignature.cer Certificate
MotorControlMaster.cer Certificate
MotorControlMaster.crl Revocation List
MotorControlSignature.cer Certificate
SecureBootCA.cer Certificate
SecureBootCA.crl Revocation List
ElectricVehicleMaster.cer Certificat
ElectricVehicleMaster.crl Revocation List
PowerQualityMitigationMaster.cer Certificat
PowerQualityMitigationMaster.crl Revocation List
SmartHomeMaster.cer Certificat
SmartHomeMaster.crl Revocation List
VideoMaster.cer Certificat
VideoMaster.crl Revocation List
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