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    Remote SCADA Solutions for Oil and Gas

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      Wireless Instrumentation for Well Optimization

      A solution in which wireless instruments integrate with other conventional equipment to offer a rapidly deployable advanced well optimisation system. Read more
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      Testing, maintenance and operation of Electronic Flow Computers for the Gas Industry

      This white paper discusses an overview of current flow computer technology and criteria for selection. Read more
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      SCADA Security: Challenges and Solutions

      This paper presents the case for improving security to SCADA systems. It examines the factors that have contributed to the growing vulnerability of control systems, and presents new standards designed to protect critical infrastructure including the use of encryption and authentication for SCADA systems. Read more
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      SCADA Systems Made Simple

      This white paper discusses the various components found in a typical Remote SCADA System, the operational challenges inherent in these types of systems, and how various technological advances have been implemented to drive forward SCADA System proficiency. Read more
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      Optimizing a Wireless Ethernet Radio Network

      The following discussion helps separate perception from reality, detailing the difference between specified over-the-air speeds and actual data throughput in a SCADA application. Suggested steps for optimizing wireless Ethernet radio networks are also presented, along with several real-world examples. Read more
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      Improving SCADA Operations Using Wireless Instrumentation

      The purpose of this paper is to explore the particular ways in which operators can tightly integrate wireless instrumentation networks with SCADA and realize the full benefits of such an integrated solution. Read more
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      Design and Implementation Considerations for Flow Computers in Gas Measurement and Control

      Flow Computer installations can be very complex and careful consideration of all parameters will help ensure a successful installation. This white paper : 

      - Defines the electronic Gas Flow Computer
      - Outlines various flow computer application types
      - Highlights a typical flow computer installation
      - Explains in detail, power systems, wireless instrumentation and remote I/O, remote communications, data collection and calibration practices. Read more
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      Ethernet for SCADA Systems Explained

      This paper will cover the implementation of Ethernet applications in SCADAsystem communications and architecture. Read more
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      Effects of Atmospheric Pressure on Gas Measurement

      This white paper discusses the differences between gauge and absolute pressure sensors, methods of determining the atmospheric pressure at a location, and effects of atmospheric pressure on measurement accuracy. Read more
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    Overcoming oil & gas measurement challenges

    High stakes and contaminated, multiphase fluids are met by a combination of purpose-built hardware and software Read more

    Wireless sensor networks see rapid growth

    Rapid deployment, low cost, ease of use make wireless the fastest growing product line in the history of Schneider Electric Learn More
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