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      Power quality management, analysis and compliance

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          Real experience using power quality data to improve power distribution reliability

          Reliability has always been the central focus of network operators — but they must also focus on sustainability and efficiency. Maintaining the balance between quality, reliability, and efficiency requires new tools for the network operator. 

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          Limiting short-circuit currents in medium-voltage applications

          The power requirements for large industrial sites are increasing, often with a requirement to reduce electrical equipment in offshore  facilities where space is expensive. One option is to use the generation voltage as the distribution voltage of the site, but this can result in high short-circuit current values. Installing fast-acting current limiting devices can reduce the short-circuit current to acceptable values.

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          Voltage regulation at sites with distributed generation

          In some large industrial sites, generator groups are operated through inter-connectors, which can be problematic if there are diverse loads. The use of an interactive power system state estimation model is critical for managing the supply of real and reactive power to the distributed loads across the network.

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