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      Embedded Safety Module / Pushbutton / Contactor / Cat.3 PL d, SIL 2 / Stop Category 0

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      Your business issues

      According to your risk assessment, you need to design your machine with an emergency stop safety function, required to reach PL d EN/ISO 13849-1, SIL 2 EN/IEC 62061, and to meet current safety legislation and standards enabling CE compliance. You also need to expedite the time-consuming offer selection and documentation process. To reduce machine time to market and improve profitability when creating BOM, you need wiring diagrams and reliability calculation of the safety chain.

      Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

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      • Solutions

        • This solution Emergency Stop with Embedded Safety Module provides an efficient way to build machine safety. The Modicon TM3 embedded safety module enables the creation of the safety circuit.
        • The documentation provides: wiring diagram, schematic diagram, explanation of application and the safety reliability calculations. The safety chain solution supports the creation of safety architectures with a Category 3 architecture PL d EN/ISO13849-1, and SIL 2 EN/IEC 62061 for the emergency stop function.
        • The safety-related stop function is initiated by actuation of an Emergency stop pushbutton, used to minimize the consequences of a harmful event. The actuation opens closed contacts, which are detected by the processing module, deactivating the safety module outputs (stop category 0 EN IEC 60204-1) and stopping the motor power supply connected to contactors (K1 and K2). The motor will freewheel to a stop.
      • Value Proposition

        Safety chain solutions are designed to solve each safety function around a machine. Using safety chain solutions reduces the time needed to create each safety function, and to meet the requirements of the machine risk assessment. It is possible to modify safety chain solutions with products suited to the specific needs of the machine, allowing it to be used as a template when designing the safety functions for your machine, improving efficiency while saving costs. Each safety chain solution contains:
        • Explanation of the architecture and safety chain
        • Wiring diagram
        • Calculation explanation
        • Calculation result
        • TUV Certificate
        • Sistema project file
      • Differentiation

        Safety chain solutions are designed to minimize the complexity of implementing safety on machines. For each safety function around the machine there are ready to use or modify solutions available to customers seeking CE certification.
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