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      EcoStruxure™ for Wastewater Treatment Plants: Safety and Security

      Our video security, access control, and cyber security solutions and services ensure end-to-end asset protection.

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    Physical Security

    Protect critical assets, both from security surveillance and operational monitoring perspectives. Implement our inter-connected, centralized security solutions to keep employees and assets safe, without affecting efficiency.

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    Solution and Benefits

    Protect your infrastructure against external threats to critical areas of the plant and include a “remote” eye to process SCADA operator.

    > Detect intrusions
    > Manage access control
    > Operate video surveillance
    > Live video integrated with process SCADA system
    > Faster response to emergencies, better informed on-site interventions, increased process availability.
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      Mitigate liability, reduce risk and ensure continuity with secure access; anywhere, anytime.


      The continuous evolution of network technologies and the rise of new security threats are changing the way we think about product design and development.

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      Solution and Benefits

      Schneider Electric collaborates closely with cybersecurity researchers to analyze our systems on a permanent basis and help our customers protect the security of their installations with a combination of patches for legacy products and mitigation recommendations.

      > Cybersecurity in every phase of a project‘s lifecycle
      > Hardened products based on cybersecurity standards.
      > Cybersecurity training, consulting, maintenance and engineering led by certified experts

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