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    • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.

      Supervisory Control AND Enterprise Applications

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      Hydrocarbon transportation operations evolving

      Pipelines strive to operate with the highest level of safety (personnel, environment, and assets) and reliability (uptime), while increasing operational and cost efficiency and continuing to meet regulatory compliance.
      • Solutions

        Schneider Electric's solutions start with scalable, secure supervisory control at the foundation. We enable operators by providing the most trusted tools to manage day-to-day operation and optimization of hydrocarbon transportation through the supply chain.

      • Value Proposition

        Control and monitoring system applications designed to manage day-to-day activities of crude, refined products, gas and petrochemical pipelines, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

        Enterprise access to real-time data enabling quicker corporate decisions.

      • Differentiation

        We offer an integrated, open, end-to-end solution for pipeline management and operations, from the field device-level to operations and into the enterprise, all from a single vendor. Our solutions are the most trusted in the industry, managing 60%+ of total hydrocarbon movement in North and Latin America.

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      Amid increasing demand, environmental pressures, and potential security threats, the primary concern of hydrocarbon pipeline operators and gas distribution networks remains the same: to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations, 24/7 - all while managing energy costs and minimizing time and installed costs. Schneider Electric consistently delivers integrated end-to-end pipeline management and operation solutions that help operators worldwide achieve their goals.


      • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.
        • Improved operational safety, reliability & compliance
        • Reduced project risk and total installed cost
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        • Control & operations together at your fingertips
        • Track & visualize movement from source to destination
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        • Accurate inventory monitoring & custody transfer measurement data
        • Automatic validation of measurement data
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