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    EcoStruxure™ for Mineral Processing & Plant Refining

    Our process control, optimization and operator training solutions ensure you’re getting the most from your resources.

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    Mining process operations are becoming more complex. The decline of mineral grades, strict regulations and today’s economic landscape require mining companies to optimize their operations, processes and use fewer consumables (from energy to reagents) to become more cost effective. The global mining industry needs new, intelligent and easy-to-use optimization and process control tools. Our process control solutions provide simple and seamless integration of mining and mineral processing automation. They help align business objectives with requirements across operations and the entire plant.

    Process Automation & Control

    Automation in the processing and refining of minerals is highly complex. Managing multiple processes and machines requires a multitude of controllers and field devices in a highly distributed configuration.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Our integrated control system for mining and mineral processing automation delivers flexibility for engineering, operations and maintenance, as well as seamless integration and transparency between all operations in a simple environment.

    > Advanced Ethernet distributed architectures able to manage complex instrumentation networks and motor driven applications
    > A single environment for plant design, operation and maintenance
    > Process and object-oriented; the application follows the actual layout of the mine
    > Dedicated object library for mining operations
    > Simplify and standardize to reduce engineering costs
    > Enhance plant operation and visibility
    > Easy to maintain, modify, improve and expand

    Metal & Mineral Processing Optimization

    The decline of ore grades, increasingly complex mineralogy and the need for water and energy conservation require greater efficiency from metal and mineral processing plants and operators.

    Metal & Mineral Processing Optimization

    Solutions & Benefits

    Process Optimization uses real-time process and economic data to determine set points that ensure maximum operating profit while satisfying all regulatory requirements, delivering sustainable plant performance and increased return on investment.

    > Stabilize product quality and reduce variability
    > Maximize production rate and equipment utilization
    > Reduce energy, water and chemical consumption
    > Get real-time visibility of plant and business operations 
    > Capture, aggregate and transform data into manageable, insightful information

    Dynamic Simulation for Engineering & Operator Training

    Unified process plant modeling environment covers the entire lifecycle of the plant, from simulation through system checkout, operator training and start up.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Dynamic Simulation is a comprehensive computer-based process simulator that enables users to meet the challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant safely and profitably. By assisting in process design, controls checkout and control system design, Dynamic Simulation improves yield and reduces capital investment and the operator training simulator ensures safer operations while improving performance and productivity.

    > Validate your process design and save engineering and commissioning time 

    > Verify control systems before going on-line and avoid costly mistakes 

    > Train operators in a life-like plant environment 

    > Facilitate knowledge transfer

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    Virtual Reality Immersive Training Systems

    Interactive VR training environment for operators and field personnel.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    The virtual reality immersive Operator Training System (OTS) provides a high-fidelity virtual reality environment that mimics the actual plant, providing a realistic learning environment in which to train personnel. 

    Use it for procedural training, operator familiarization, safety response training, knowledge capture, or maintenance planning and improve the overall operations and safety of your plant.

    > Supports knowledge capture and transfer of best practices 

    > Increases operator and field personnel efficiency 

    > Reduces costly avoidable mistakes 

    > Helps prevent unnecessary maintenance and repairs

    • 50 years of process engineering

      Schneider Electric celebrates 50 years as the global leader of integrated software and solutions for process intensive industries worldwide.

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