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      EcoStruxure™ for Mining Operations and Supply Chain

      Digital mining operations allow you to centralize and integrate business, sustainability, energy, maintenance and mine management software to achieve a highly optimized value chain.

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      Connect your enterprise to tomorrow’s IoT economy

      EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centers, industry and grid.

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      Energy Management & Sustainability

      Mining operations are intensive and energy usage needs to be identified in order to implement optimization strategies and target cost saving opportunities.

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      Schneider Electric offers a fully integrated approach to energy management.

      We combine advanced metering and reporting with comprehensive services for consulting, procurement and project management to make a difference.


      Effective energy efficiency and sustainability targets can only be achieved through continuous improvement and programs.

      > Manage operations in real time 
      > Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
      > Reduce environmental footprint
      > Achieve business goals

      Maintenance & Asset Management

      Maintenance costs are a significant portion of mining operations costs, and can take up nearly half of the budget. Typically, over 60% of the total mine workforce is dedicated to focus on servicing or repairing complex assets in the field.

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      A fully integrated approach for field inspections, condition monitoring, predictive analytics and enterprise asset management.

      > Condition monitoring and management collects and analyzes real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets to drive appropriate actions that improve overall asset performance
      > Predictive analytics provides continuous, real-time asset performance monitoring
      > Performance tools that deliver real-time contextual analytics related to OEE and downtime


      Asset management solutions help operations and maintenance teams detect and reduce the occurrence of failures and develop maintenance plans.

      > Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs
      > Identify underperforming assets
      > Reduce unscheduled downtime
      > Prevent equipment failure

      Integrated Operations Management

      Optimizing each state in the mining process separately without considering the entire system can often mean losing out on energy saving opportunities.

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      Our integrated planning an optimization solution (IPOS) delivers business decisions from blasting to final product shipment. IPOS delivers specific solutions for mining operations:

      > Supply chain, inventory and performance management
      > Metal accounting, delay accounting/downtime
      > Water and energy awareness


      An integrated solution helps deliver products to market at the right time, in the right grade and quality at the right cost

      > Planning and scheduling to optimize resource-to-market chain
      > Local operating plans driven by the global plan, not vice-versa
      > Capable production, asset and process performance
      > Better decision making through reliable and timely information
      > Cost savings by reducing energy and water usage

      Weather Intelligence

      Climate change is causing our weather to be increasingly volatile. Weather like severe thunderstorms with lightning, hail and high winds create significant risks to mining operations.

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      Schneider Electric delivers unparalleled weather solutions and insight:

      > Top-rated forecasts
      > Custom, patented weather alerts
      > Real-time lighting display and detection
      > Professional forecast consulting
      > On-site weather stations


      With precise weather forecasting, miners can anticipate site flooding, adverse road conditions, better plan machinery maintenance and protect employees from weather hazards.

      > Safety for employees and the community
      > Increased productivity
      > Improvement in schedule and handling maintenance issue

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      Remote/Central Control Operations

      Perhaps the most important aspect of automated mining systems is the opportunity to centralize monitoring into one physical location for all processes across the operation.

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      Centralized/ remote operations centers provide a better environment for decision-making problem solving, and Schneider Electric provides solutions that meet their various needs and requirements.

      > IT infrastructure
      > Collaboration platforms
      > Data collection, validation and aggregation


      Central control operations deliver intelligence focused on common needs and challenges at near real-time

      > Collaboration between sites and plants
      > Remote monitoring and diagnostics
      > Benchmarking
      > Advanced process and supply chain optimization
      > Asset efficiency
      > Analytics capabilities
      > Resource to market visibility

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