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EcoStruxure Substation Operation

Based on the latest IEC 61850 and cybersecurity standards, our Substation Automation Systems (SAS) combine improved interoperability, connectivity and security.

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Solution & Benefits

Without question, evolving efficiency affects your medium-voltage requirements. With our market-leading expertise and experience, Schneider Electric has the cost-effective solutions you need to meet efficiency demands.

> Featuring leading IEDs, protection relays, metering and monitoring solutions
> An efficient and easy-to-use operator interface
> Diverse portfolio to meet all applicable international and local standards
> Fully tested, digitally intelligent solutions: flexible, compact, able to withstand harsh environments
> Optimized total ownership costs over the life of your installations
  • Utility Substation Cybersecurity A framework for developing and evaluating

    Discover the processes and procedures for securing a substation with advice for overcoming substation asset management challenges, and a description of some of the tools available.

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EcoStruxure™ Grid Engineering Advisor

Distribution networks systems based on IEC 61850 standard are getting smarter and more complex, but performance, reliability and scalability challenges remain.

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Solution & Benefits

The new generation EcoStruxure™ Grid Engineering Advisor is an IEC 61850 System Engineering Tool as recognized by the IEC standard, applicable to any power system automation solution.

Composed of a visual package, intuitive and manufacturer-independent, it enables deployment of information in other tools through standardized file exchanges.

> High-quality engineering with improved efficiency
> Fast learning curve
> Re-use solution designs
> Higher level of standardization & market compatibility
> Basic project documentation automation
  • EcoStruxure™ Grid Engineering Advisor

    IEC 61850 System Engineering Tool
    Software platform for power application modeling, capable to design and configure distributed system solutions and components inside a heterogeneous smart grid.

    EcoStruxure™ Grid Engineering Advisor
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EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor

An electrical distribution system failure could cause major interruptions, or even total plant shutdown. Protect your resources with EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor.

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Solution & Benefits

Schneider Electric's innovative services leverage electrical equipment data, while considering the criticality of your processes and the need for actionable insights. Protect your assets, processes and people. Secure your electrical distribution networks with predictive analytics and asset monitoring.

> Operational performance
> Safety
> Financial efficiency
> Monitoring and analysis of multiple sites
> Integrated IoT technology
  • EcoStruxure Asset Advisor From data to actionable insights

    Combining a best-in-class technological platform with our expertise in electrical equipment maintenance and manufacturing, to give you peace of mind knowing that your assets and sites are reliably monitored.

    Discover EcoStruxure Asset Advisor
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Controllers and RTUs

Grid operations asset management require remote monitoring and control. Effective strategies can include different architectures, legacy protocols and media.

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Solution & Benefits

We have hardened solutions that can withstand harsh electric environments. Our Remote Terminal Units (RTU) portfolio, featuring Saitel DR, Saitel DP and C264, helps you to engineer the most flexible and robust solutions to automate your grid:
> Stand-alone RTUs
> Distributed I/O
> Data concentrators
> Protocol converters

> Substation automation systems

> Modernize and future-proof your power grid
> Simplify network operations and maintenance tasks
> Gain embedded cybersecurity

> Leverage strong, local customer support services

  • Controllers and RTUs

    Our wide-ranging offer portfolio helps you engineer the most flexible and robust solutions to automate your grid.

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Protection relays

Protection relays offer the fundamental safety needed to operate your grid. With the primary mission of improving operational security and safety, our comprehensive devices provides time-tested operating principles and functions that help you to enhance reliability and safety. Cyber and operational security features allow you to better control and monitor access to the device and therefore reduce your risk exposure.

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Solution & Benefits

Serving major utilities around the world, MiCOM and Sepam protection relays are the first choice for protection, control, measurement, monitoring and communication. When built into any control system, our trusted protection forms a vital component of your substation, managing your valuable assets. We engineer schemes to include time-tested algorithms and the latest standards for safety, security and communication, in order to provide world-class protection solutions.

> Secure devices with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to IEC 62351
> Restrict and log intentional, accidental or malicious access to protection data or configuration
> Independent Ethernet networks with dual-IP for physical separation
> Choose IEC 61850 Edition 1 or Edition 2, by making a simple setting change
> Latest redundancy for seamless data communication (IEC 62439 on PRP or HSR)
> World-leading arc flash protection and SIL 2 ensure improved operational safety


Improve grid node reliability without compromising regulations, safety, outages, reputation, insurance rates and profit. EcoStruxure™ Substation Operation solution is easy to use and administer, all while being reliable, affordable, open, and interoperable.

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Solution & Benefits

A simple yet comprehensive way to manage your substation, without additional IT layers and with cybersecurity-embedded products, solutions, and services.

EcoStruxure™ Substation Operation (formerly known as PACiS Substation Automation System) and services improve your grid’s operational reliability, helping you benefit from a systemic approach to cybersecurity.

EcoStruxure Substation Operation protects your network with in-depth defense
> Holistic system security approach with expert cybersecurity support and services such as security audits, incident response, and patch management
> Secure-by-design components (IEC 62351-8 RBAC) in protection, HMI, RTUs, gateways, and communication devices
> Open and interoperable solution aligned to the latest standards and regulations
> Simplified security policy administration with innovative tools