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    EcoStruxure™ for Data Center Regional Edge

    Bringing content delivery, cloud services and applications closer to where people need it.

    + Lifecycle Services

Prefabricated Systems

Manufactured and tested in a factory, dropped in place in close proximity to users in corporate data centers or colocation facilities.

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Solutions and Benefits

Our prefabricated data center solutions are comprised of power skids, and power, cooling, and IT modules. We provide either a building block approach or all-in-one solutions in single enclosures to deliver a new data center or to increase capacity for your existing infrastructure, deployed quickly and offering predictable performance from day one. 

Our proven experience in prefabrication offers a wide range of customizable prefabricated building blocks. Our global capabilities include full supply chain, design, applications and engineering support.

Key facts
> Pre-engineered and wired with integrated hardware and software
> Factory manufactured and tested
> Arrives on-site ready to deploy quickly and easily
> Multiple form factors and power ranges
> All-in-one or building blocks used together to form a complete data center solution
  • Why You Should Consider Prefabricated Data Centers

    Schneider Electric makes it easy for you to understand how Prefabricated Data Center Solutions can deliver value to your business.

  • IoT EcoStruxure™ at Interxion ensures efficiency

    Schneider Electric has long been a partner to European colocation data center provider, Interxion, helping with data center design, construction and operation.

    Hear from Fabrice Coquio, President of Interxion France, about how they are meeting the challenges of a rapidly growing market, expanding to new markets, and optimizing energy consumption.

  • EcoStruxure™ Ensures Efficiency for Animal Logic

    Animal Logic, the digital animators behind The Lego Movie, The Matrix, and more, partners with Schneider Electric to deploy a customized prefab data center in record time.

  • Weizmann Institute Prefabricated Data Center

    Schneider joins IBM to launch a high-performance prefab computing cluster where the Weizmann Institute of Science pursues ground-breaking genome research.

    Preconfigured Systems

    Latency optimizing IT room solutions that reduce time and complexity to scale up or down quickly at the rack or pod level.

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    Solutions and Benefits

    We are a “one-stop-shop,” providing the largest portfolio of complete physical infrastructure solutions for integrated power, cooling, rack, security, containment and management components, plus software and services for the IT room of data centers. Run applications and/or cloud services on-premise to meet your business needs in today’s hybrid cloud environment. Modernize your physical infrastructure and optimize performance, space and availability.

    Can be placed closer to large quantities users to reduce latency and reduce transmission time and costs. Management is powerful and simple to implement with Expert, Operations and Advisor solutions.
    > Fast and easy configuration
    > Digital, rules-based design tool
    > Solution ships complete, deploys quickly
    > Integrated components reduce risk
    > Fits traditional, converged, hyper-converged, composable Thousands of existing configurations at rack or POD level
    > Corporate data centers, server rooms, colocation
    • InfraStruxure Data Center Solution

      InfraStruxure™ is an integrated data center architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from design to installation and operation.

    • Schneider: InfraStruxure for the Small and Medium Data Centre
    • HyperPod – The Backbone of Your Data Center

      HyperPod offers the speed and flexibility needed to support today's fast paced and ever changing data center environments.


      Broadest portfolio of 3-phase uninterruptible power supplies for regional edge data centers.

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      Solutions and Benefits

      Setting the standard for UPS quality, innovation, and support over the last 60+ years. We offer the widest range of UPS solutions to match all needs and budgets. 

      We are the world leader in providing high quality UPS solutions to increase power availability and system uptime. Our power solutions are easy to deploy and integrate with your existing physical and monitoring infrastructure. Our worldwide network of service specialists provide a full range of services throughout the complete life cycle of your installations.

      > Protection from damaging surges and spikes
      > High efficiency at low, medium, and high load levels
      > Ultra high availability, performance, and efficiency
      > Modular and scalable designs
      > Highly adaptable and customizable
      • Discover Galaxy VS

        Increased availability. Reduced operating costs. First-class power protection for critical infrastructure.


      Integrated management software solutions across building, power and the IT rooms.

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      Solutions and Benefits

      Complete physical infrastructure solutions for the IT room of data centers, with power, cooling, racks, air containment, management, and services that configure fast and easily. Our digital, rules-based design tool lets you match and balance the needs of your business. 

      We are a “one stop shop” with the largest portfolio of infrastructure solutions, services, and software integration for traditional, converged, hyper-converged, or composable IT architectures for today’s hybrid cloud environment.

      > Solutions ship complete, easily scale up or down, rack or POD level
      > Integrated components greatly reduce deployment time and risk
      > Simple, powerful management with Expert, Operation, and Advisor solutions
      > Rules-based system designs, thousands of existing configurations
      > Run applications, cloud services on premise
      > Configure systems to modernize, optimize performance, space, availability
      • Cardiff University Customer Testimonial

        “Schneider Electric’s data center software is really useful for us as it saves us a load of money and it’s allowed me to show the CFO and the director of IT services that the savings I’ve promised have actually materialized.” – Hugh Beedle, CTO, Cardiff University

      • University of Massachusetts Medical Center Customer Testimonial

        "The Schneider Electric solution has had an impact on facilities, finance, and IT. Facilities gains real-time monitoring and historical data; finance gains the ability to charge customers for actual power usage; and IT gains an infrastructure management and planning solution." - David Plamondon, Data Center Operations Architect

        Learn more
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      • Sky Customer Testimonial

        "Data Center Operations is the foundation of IT at Sky and it needs to enable our business to grow."
        - Riccardo Degli Effetti, Head of Data Center Operations

        Read more
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        Rack Systems

        Mount and secure IT equipment in data centers at the regional edge.

        Business people using digital tablet over server room

        Solutions and Benefits

        Today’s high-density server applications demand a rack infrastructure that can mount a mix of different IT equipment, effectively manage airflow and support high-capacity cable management in an efficient, flexible design. 

        Our rack enclosure systems have been engineered to optimize proper airflow and to promote efficient cable management that allows for quick and easy access as new equipment is installed in the rack.

        Our standard portfolio of racks is extensive. Plus, we have the ability to customize racks and rack mount PDUs to exact customer specifications. 

        Rack enclosure solutions provide the latest cable management innovations to optimize installation of any mix of IT equipment.

        • Switch Communications Building the Data Center of the Future

          Are you wondering what the data center of the future will look like? Switch Communications already knows. They are partnering with Schneider Electric on data center systems including customized racks to meet their design specifications.

        • NextDC Data Center Testimonial

          NextDC works with Schneider to customize racks, cabinets and accessories for superior airflow, cooling and reliability in a competitive colocation market.

        • Bluebird Underground

          Learn how Bluebird Network worked with us overcome the challenges of expanding an underground data center 85 ft below ground.

        • HyperPod – The Backbone of your Data Center

          HyperPod offers the speed and flexibility needed to support today's fast paced and ever changing data center environments. With support for any rack, its easy configuration and integrated power and cooling makes it ideal for pod scale IT deployments.


          Innovative physical infrastructure solutions for today’s bare metal IT architectures being deployed in colocation facilities or in corporate data centers.

          Confident server room technician at laptop.

          Solutions and Benefits

          Our tools and reference designs help you choose by enabling the conceptualization of all hyperscale or a mix of traditional and bare metal designs. 

          Our centralized Lithium Ion back-up solutions can help you achieve redundancy and desired run time.

          > Accommodate uncertainty in racks to be deployed
          > Future-proofs deployments
          > Standardized to simplify design and deployment
          > Quickly deploys IT space at a large scale 

          Lithium Ion solutions
          > Distributed BBU solutions deploy easily, offer dedicated rack support
          > Centralized 3-phase UPS solutions cover many racks, offer benefits in serviceability time and costs

          • HyperPod – fast IT deployment within data centers

            HyperPod offers the speed and flexibility needed to support today’s fast-paced and ever-changing data center environments. With support for any rack, its easy configuration and integrated power & cooling make it ideal for pod scale IT deployments.

          • How is OCP affecting today’s data centers?

            Robert Bunger, Director of Data Center Standards and Alliances at Schneider Electric, discusses the open compute project and how it is impacting data centers.

          • HyperPod

            Infomart Data Centers is using a rack-ready HyperPod solution to address the challenge of developing a faster, more efficient deployment strategy that supports a variety of customers and their unique requirements.

          • Prefabricated Data Centers

            Predictable, flexible and fast to deploy, learn how Schneider Electric prefabricated data center solutions can solve the business challenges associated with traditional data center designs.


            Integrated cooling solutions to rely on from chiller and economizer plants to computer room air conditioners

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            Solutions and Benefits

            Every piece of IT equipment that consumes power produces an equivalent amount of heat. The wrong technology for your environment can result in higher costs and increased risk of downtime. Our solutions are designed to be efficient, flexible and reliable while helping to tackle growing heat densities and reducing operating costs.

            We provide cooling that supports higher-density IT equipment and eliminates hot spots that result in premature equipment failure, system crashes, random reboots, and poor system performance.

            Whether you are building a new data center or retrofitting or modernizing an existing one, we can help you select an effective cooling solution for a healthy data center environment.
            • DataBank: A 'Cool' Colocation Facility

              This colo facility is keeping cool and being more efficient with cooling solutions from Schneider.

            • Partnering for Success: TACC Supercomputing Center

              Solving Texas-sized cooling problems at the University of Texas Austin.

            • Ecoflair Air Economizer

              Ultra-efficient economizer units that consume zero white space and allow more power to IT.

            • EcoAisle: Flexibility Meets Innovation

              EcoAisle delivers the most value making it the best choice for cold and hot aisle containment.

              EcoStruxure Success Stories

              • What Impact is Cloud Computing having on Data Center Architecture?

                Kevin Brown, Chief of Technology and Innovation for Schneider Electric’s IT Division, discusses how cloud computing is impacting data center architecture.

              • Partnering for Success: TACC Supercomputing Center

                Solving Texas-sized cooling problems at the University of Texas Austin

              • Cardiff University Customer Testimonial

                “Schneider Electric’s data center software is really useful for us as it saves us a load of money and it’s allowed me to show the CFO and the director of IT services that the savings I’ve promised have actually materialized.” – Hugh Beedle, CTO, Cardiff University