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      Electrical grids have been stretched to the breaking point due to rapid population growth, urbanization, and the demands of the digital age.


    Striving towards a carbon neutral footprint, microgrids can ensure optimal integration of renewable energy sources while also providing back-up power when utility power is unavailable.

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    Electrical grids have been stretched to the breaking point.

    Fully protecting a large, defined campus energy environment requires a sustainable, flexible solution, and proven expertise in delivering advanced microgrids.


    A microgrid can deliver the ultimate in energy flexibility by dynamically managing a variety of distributed energy resources (DERs) and interconnecting energy loads within a defined electrical boundary, such as a campus or business park.

    With Schneider Electric, you gain not only 24/7/365 power, but also energy management capabilities previously only affordable to big power producers and distributors.

    > Optimize efficiency

    > Improve sustainability

    > Ensure reliability

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