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      EcoStruxure™ for Automotive: Smart Facility

      We help ensure your many facilities are safe, reliable, efficient & sustainable, and that they meet the demand requirements of both today and tomorrow.

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      The Edge-Amsterdam

      This net zero energy building uses IoT connectivity to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

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      Operations Management & Control

      Our Automotive customer’s typically have many hundreds, if not thousands of facilities that they either own or have responsibility for. Our products and solutions increase the intelligence of these buildings to ensure they function with optimum efficiency, are in harmony with their application and occupants and become a positive asset, bringing multiple disparate areas into one harmonious system.

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      Solution & Benefits

      > EcoStruxure covers the core disciplines that we see in each and every facility.

      > The automotive enterprise consists facilities such as R&D facilities, manufacturing plants, logistics and distribution centers, administration locations, data centers and more.

      > Our automotive customers need scalable, agile and flexible value across their entire enterprise.

      > Enable a facility of multiple disparate systems join as one digital organism for improved operational efficiency & better business decisions

      > Increase performance in productivity, efficiency, flexibility & environmental impact

      > Improve facility and process integration – including product energy intensity

      • EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor

        Improve performance by turning resource data into actionable insights, using a single, cloud-based platform. Collect and aggregate data on cross-enterprise information from sustainability metrics and facility information to supply data, all in one place.

      Building Control

      Get peace of mind with EcoStruxure for Building by Schneider Electric. Simplify integration between building systems and other areas of your automotive business. Maintain optimal energy and operational efficiency. And ensure occupant comfort and well-being — all with a solution flexible enough to address your evolving building needs.

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      Solution & Benefits

      EcoStruxure Building Management solution integrates all systems, devices, software, and services for visibility and control of your entire Automotive operation.

      A single technology platform for monitoring and control of all systems. Native integration with power, lighting, security, and HVAC control systems embedded with open protocols for seamless integration of 3rd party systems.

      Connected facilities improve efficiency, performance and comfort by integrating all building systems and ensuring proactive maintenance.

      > Connected Facilities improve efficiency, performance and comfort by integrating all building systems and ensuring proactive maintenance reduced OPEX & extend equipment life cycle.

      > Increase performance & value of your assets

      > Improved environment for both People and Assets

      > Realize significant energy savings

      > Improved security & safety

      > Enables better decision making by connecting people to actionable data

      > Provide best-in-class building visualization & control, from anywhere, at anytime

      • IoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ ensures sustainability for Deloitte Netherlands

        The Edge, world’s most sustainable office building, leverages IoT-enabled EcoStruxure ™ technology, and succeeds in setting a new global benchmark for intelligent & energy efficient commercial office environments.

      • Industrial Cybersecurity

        Discover the key steps of cybersecurity protection.

        Smart Electrical Distribution

        Electrical Distribution is critical to every type of Automotive Facility. Digitization is evolving this area, and your potential for improved system status, safety, issues, health, alarming are just some examples of how you can move from worrying about critical assets towards peace of mind control.

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        Solution & Benefits

        Monitor, manage and control assets across each and every facility. From electrical feed, to MV/LV transformers, LV substations to LV distribution, or your incoming electrical feed – gain visibility over your operations from enterprise level to point of use, throughout your facility life cycle.

        > Optimum safety for your team.

        > Real-time status of electrical infrastructure

        > Improved awareness for your electrical maintenance departments

        > Safer and more efficient decision making

        > Improved facility availability

        • EcoStruxure Power

          How digitizing power distribution is taking facility- building safety, reliability, and efficiency to new limits.

        • Power Tag

          A wireless energy sensor that allows you to connect with any circuit breaker, anytime, anywhere. Monitor & secure, in one simple action.

        • Smart Panels

          By connecting cutting-edge hardware with innovative software, Smart Panels enable you to pinpoint overloads and inefficiencies proactively, and make informed decisions that improve operational efficiency.

          Energy and Power Management

          EcoStruxure Power delivers safe, highly-available, and energy-efficient electrical distribution systems for low and medium voltage architectures. Our IoT-enabled power management solutions enhance connectivity, real-time operational reliability, and smart analytics for peace of mind and significant financial benefits to businesses of all sizes and maturity levels.

          Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.

          Solution & Benefits

          Collect, analyze and report data to our enterprise-level cloud platform, to improve your energy performance & environmental sustainability.

          Improves environmental sustainability of your operations and reduces your energy bill by up to 30% with:

          > Significant and measurable cost avoidance and savings

          > Advantageous energy contracts and optimized energy purchased plant (rates and tariffs)

          > Mitigate energy price risk

          • Commercial Facility Managers

            Increase facility efficiency and respond to urgent needs, faster. Digitized, connected, and efficient solutions give you advantages today while equipping you for whatever tomorrow holds.

          • Innovative Microgrid

            Microgrids enable the setup of a decentralized energy system, in a way that’s green, reliable, resilient and efficient. Innovative microgrid improves utility’s reliability and optimizes distributed energy resources usage.

            Secure Power Solutions

            Enhance safety for both people and assets whilst keeping uptime consistent and maintenance predictable. Our scalable Secure power solutions bring peace of mind from a single application through to protecting your entire facility.

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            Solution & Benefits

            We assess the safety and reliability of your current electrical distribution systems and predict the future condition of your equipment, to avoid both accidents and downtime.

            Schneider Electric offers best-in-class solutions, to meet the needs of your future production facilities.

            > Prevent accidents and casualties

            > Reduce impacts on production downtime

            > Reduce maintenance costs

            • How facility managers can meet rising efficiency expectations

              Schneider Electric’s open-integration portfolio of digitized offerings help you increase building safety, efficiency and speed-up response time to urgencies.

            • A Galaxy of efficiency

              Optimize operational expenses, manage risk, and preserve capital. Galaxy VX with ECOnversion provides the scalable, flexible, efficient power protection today's critical infrastructure demands.

              Power Quality Solutions

              With around 4% of annual revenue lost in the industry segment due to power quality issues, these problems are one of the major causes of unscheduled downtime and equipment malfunction and damage. Modern equipment is much more sensitive to power quality problems than it was in the past.

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              Solution & Benefits

              A power quality management framework – based on continuous and iterative monitoring, analysis and corrective actions – that improves power quality performance. Applicable to standalone as well as integrated energy / power management programs.
              These PowerLogic meters can quickly help you determine the magnitude of the issue, and empower you to address it.

              > Avoid critical conditions that cause equipment failures and downtime with: real-time monitoring, alarming, and power quality analysis

              > Identify potential problems and correct them proactively, before downtime becomes a problem

              > Extend equipment lifecycle

              > Improve operating conditions

              • Power quality solutions by Schneider Electric

                A global partner that can help make power system efficiency simple, safe, and economical. See what our power quality solutions can do for you.

              • Interruptions on your production line?

                Learn how to avoid unscheduled downtime and equipment damage by implementing continuous, iterative power quality management.

              • Power quality and power factor correction

                Got dirty power? Address power factor and harmonics issues with AccuSine+ active filters.

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                White paper

                This paper introduces markers based on recognized power quality standards and statistical analysis in a power quality monitoring system. Learn more

                Asset Management

                A comprehensive suite of enterprise asset performance management solutions that help you manage your maintenance and repair operations, including spare parts inventory and procurement.

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                Solution & Benefits

                With EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, leverage predictive analytics to secure electrical distribution through assets-tracking IoT platform, mitigating risks of electrical failure.
                This approach combines a best-of-breed technological platform with our expertise in maintenance and electrical equipment manufacturing.
                Our Field Service Engineers apply this knowledge and specific algorithms to the data to help determine the preventive maintenance that will protect your installations, people and critical processes.

                > Operational performance:
                Reduce unscheduled downtime, increase asset life, and offer a consistent experience with an optimized maintenance plan

                > Safety:
                Experience reduced personal risk while gaining early equipment failure warnings and expertise continuity.

                > Financial efficiency:
                Reduce failure risk and cost of ownership and maintenance, and gain new asset insights.

                • Maximize return on assets with Enterprise Asset Performance Management

                  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is empowering organizations to shift to a holistic and operations-centric view where proactive and predictive maintenance (PdM) enables action, before costly failures occur.

                Lifecycle Services

                From planning and inception to modernization, we provide services to ensure optimal technical and business performance for your operations. Our field service engineers combine 30+ years of manufacturer-level experience with the latest technology to bring innovation to every step of your project. Our experts are your dedicated partners, analyzing your current situation/challenges, understanding your goals, and designing the right solution to extend the availability, performance, and efficiency of operational systems and assets.

                Architects and project manager in a video conference meeting with engineer

                Solution & Benefits

                Sustainability strategies are not only good for the environment, they are also good for your business.With best-in-class software, hardware, solutions, and services, Schneider Electric can help your company develop a sustainability strategy that drives economic and social value.

                > Support from our network of experienced sustainability professionals

                > Integrating global environmental, economic, and social sustainability initiatives into one program

                > Global presence with regional expertise

                > Utilize our web-based tool, Resource Advisor™ to centralize information, plan initiatives, and manage progress

                > Independent and unbiased opinions and recommendations on the market and regulations

                • Schneider Electric Life Cycle Services

                  Covering the entire asset life cycle of your installation from inception to modernization, explore the benefits of our onsite services and expert service engineers.

                • Critical Power and Cooling Services

                  Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services (CPCS) provide the expertise, services, and support you need for your building, industry, power, or data center infrastructure.

                  Explore more
                  Lightning storm, energy efficiency, electric power distribution.
                • Augmented Reality Operator

                  How augmented reality can significantly improve your company assets management. Let's check our dedicated software for HoloLens, here presented on Premset Medium Voltage switchgear.

                  Training and Support

                  Launch or enhance your career today! Anywhere, in any industry. Whether you’re seeking to improve competencies, or your company’s steps toward efficiency, Energy University or tailored course selections help you achieve your education goals for data centers, energy and infrastructure, manufacturing automation, or building automation.

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                  Solution & Benefits

                  Competency Management, our in-depth training solution, trains your employees in the specific skill level required by your company. It covers areas such as safety, networks, voltage, transformers and automation protection relays.

                  > Analyze your company’s needs to evaluate knowledge level and gaps

                  > Design your training path to optimize course selection

                  > Train your team with our innovative training

                  > Qualify your team's results and competency level

                  • Augmented Reality Immersive Training

                    Augmented reality can significantly improve your company asset management. Check our dedicated software for HoloLens, here presented on Premset Medium Voltage switchgear.

                  • Get ready to maintain and operate your Masterpact MTZ!

                    Understand the new digital features of your circuit breaker with our e-Learning program and make the most of your Masterpact MTZ.

                  • Schneider University

                    Energy University is a free, online, educational resource, offering more than 200 vendor-neutral courses on energy efficiency and data center topics to help you identify, implement, and monitor efficiency improvements within your organization.

                  • Electrical Risk Prevention Training

                    Achieve "zero accident" status with our Electrical Risk Prevention e-Learning solution - Train your team to work safely and assess their knowledge with our e-Learning solution.

                    EcoStruxure Success Stories

                    • The Edge-Amsterdam

                      This net zero energy building uses IoT connectivity to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

                    • Your electrical system has something to say

                      Give it a voice with EcoStruxure Power Monitor power distribution, anticipate needs, pinpoint concerns, and control assets remotely with the Smart Panels solution.

                      Nos conseillers sont disponibles pour répondre à vos questions de 8h00 à 18h00 du lundi au vendredi toute l'année.