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      Project Management

      Focus on your core competencies and let us take care of your data center projects – ensuring roll-out on time and on budget thanks to our data center project management best practices and methodology.

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    • Excellence from the very beginning

      If your organization doesn’t have established processes, templates, and a consistent set of proceedings for managing data center projects, we can assist you with roll-out of large-scale initiatives, such as data center consolidation.

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      Completing efficient and predictable projects

      Put standard processes, skills, tools and techniques in place to meet project requirements.

      Our Project Management services enable improved estimating, planning, and project definition. This offers faster execution through re-use of common processes and templates; fewer project problems encountered when utilizing proactive management; and improved organizational decision-making thanks to more effective communication.


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        Efficiency in project completion
        Project Management provides a roadmap that is easily followed and guarantees project completion working smarter to avoid delays and costs.
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        Enhanced effectiveness
        Project management best practices and methodology will guarantee that the projects stays on time and under budget.
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        Customized Service
        Designed to professionally manage your solution installation from design to implementation following your needs and requirements.

      Our Data Center Installation Services include:

      • Certified project manager

        Assures generally accepted project management tools, techniques and practices, are utilized to complete the effort on time and budget.
      • Developing and managing an installation plan for solutions

        Provides a complete and integrated managed solution, encompassing design, acquire and implementation phases, and project close out.
      • Scheduling qualified and approved service personnel

        Assures the workforce is on site, at the appropriate time, and with the right skills, to install your solution to manufacturer’s specifications.
      • Customer-specific site documentation

        Provides a portfolio of project-related documentation, such as inspections, safety records and other on-site work documentation.
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      StruxureOn offers maximum protection of your critical equipment through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting, and expert, data-driven insight delivered with 24/7 real-time monitoring – providing visibility and live data directly to your smartphone.

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