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      Water and Waste Optimization

      Understand your financial and societal obligations as it relates to water and waste. Then you can leverage these resources as an asset and means to optimize costs.

    Corporate sustainability sees more financial, social pressure

    As prominent organizations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Carbon Trust are calling for companies to demonstrate corporate water stewardship and promote responsible use of resources, companies are now facing growing financial and social pressures. Companies are not sitting idly by and waiting for regulations to force compliance and responsibility, they are taking action now.

    We give focus to water and waste

    Water and waste are both becoming topics found in the enterprise boardroom. Has your organization considered which key water and waste issues are affecting its corporate sustainability efforts? Schneider Electric has a dedicated team that can help you down the path toward a comprehensive sustainability strategy that looks at more than just energy.

    Your comprehensive corporate sustainability strategy

    Strategy Development
    Our water and waste experts start with a baseline assessment along with a contract review in order to develop a customized roadmap with clear targets. 

    Water & Waste Procurement
    We secure the best purchase agreement for you and manage your procurement strategy and ongoing contracts.

    Water Conservation
    Work to reduce your water consumption and track results with best-fit technology solutions and behavioral changes. 

    Waste Audits
    We carry out desktop and onsite waste audits to develop optimization throughout the process.

    Achieve value chain success by optimizing water and waste opportunities

    Companies that take water-related risks seriously across the whole value chain set a good example by incorporating water management into their business model. Water-related risks are going to remain an essential part of global, corporate sustainability policy and business strategy. And beyond the here and now, leading companies are preparing for additional regulatory changes. More than 80% of CDP water respondents factored policy and related penalties into their 2016 risk assessments. Are you one of them?

    • Making the world a cleaner place

      Hear how Schneider Electric’s sustainability consulting is helping customers around the world implement renewable energy strategies.

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    • Discover Energy and Sustainability Services

      Today, energy procurement, efficiency, and sustainability strategy interconnect as never before. Your organization’s programs can combine to deliver a clear path forward for business growth. Take a look at Schneider Electric’s solutions to meet your unique challenges.

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    • Manage resources like leading companies

      As energy-related concerns grow, leading companies are changing how they buy, sell, use and track electricity, natural gas and other resources.

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      Achieve more energy and sustainability success

      Get in touch for more information

      Our energy and sustainability experts are ready to assist you in building a sustainability strategy today.
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