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      Risk Management

      Commodity risk management is the foundation upon which a comprehensive and fully-optimized energy management is built.

    A global approach to commodity risk management

    A global enterprise needs an energy risk management strategy suitable for every single energy market. Furthermore, it should align with a plan for both short and long-term strategic sourcing initiatives. A one-size-fits-all commodity risk management strategy is no longer enough. Businesses must now balance risk avoidance and risk acceptance all in order to find risk advantage.

    We protect your position in global energy markets

    There are numerous strategies and instruments available for commodity risk management. Schneider Electric uses strategic and dynamic methodologies as the foundation for your strategy and then perfects it based on your unique risk tolerance.

    Your customized commodity risk management strategy

    A Risk-Optimization Strategy balances conflicting objectives so you can protect against rising markets and benefit from falling markets. We’ll optimize your capital and value at risk along the way to ensure you stay within your commodity budget limits and optimize your energy pricing. Through the Risk-Optimization approach, you operate in the market through fixed and unfixed purchasing tactics.

    With a Risk-Anticipation Strategy, you typically operate in the market through buy and hold purchasing tactics. You might be in a situation where once you take a position in the market you have to hold it. You need to anticipate the market threats and opportunities in the areas where you have facilities. Our team is responsible for anticipating these threats and opportunities before they arise against predefined strategic goals.
    • Uncover creative energy savings and cost optimization

      Discover an approach to energy procurement that is aligned fully with your specific strategic goals.

    Achieve the other side of risk: reward

    When you have a customized energy risk management strategy based on your unique risk tolerance, only then can you execute energy buying initiatives with confidence. Knowing the other side of risk is reward and having true visibility into market developments ensures your energy procurement strategy delivers results.

    Buy energy with confidence

    > Modify your energy portfolio in near real-time as market prices change
    > Visualize and track your energy purchasing performance

    > Have peace of mind knowing your financial goals are actively managed and easily audited
    > Identify current portfolio value and risk exposure
    • Remove risk from your energy strategy

      Learn how to overcome the 4 most common challenges associated with energy risk management.

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    • Aldi achieves energy savings

      Discover how Risk Management gave Aldi the flexibility to take advantage of market fluctuations and budget security.

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    • Discover Energy and Sustainability Services

      Today, energy procurement, efficiency, and sustainability strategy interconnect as never before. Your organization’s programs can combine to deliver a clear path forward for business growth. Take a look at Schneider Electric’s solutions to meet your unique challenges.

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      Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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