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      Remote Energy Monitoring

      Transform your energy data into a success story. Our remote team of energy experts analyzes energy, occupancy, production, weather and more to boost your efficiency.

    Most companies generate 20 million data points every year

    The average company generates more than 20 million energy and sustainability data points every year. However, data can be scattered and hard to use. 66% of data is stored in disparate systems and less than 1% of global data is leveraged to make decisions. Analyzing all that big data is a big job. To truly leverage it, energy and sustainability professionals are turning to innovative technology to help them capture and bring context to this data with energy monitoring to enable smarter decision-making.

    We are your facilities’ eyes and ears with remote energy monitoring

    It takes more than just energy monitoring software to truly optimize energy savings. Put our remote team to work monitoring all your facilities to boost your efficiency performance by recommending corrective action and energy efficiency projects.

    Your energy manager at every site

    > Provide site-level and group score cards to benchmark facilities and track savings
    > Identify the root cause of comfort and maintenance issues

    > Deliver portfolio-level key performance indicators (KPIs)
    > Develop strategic roadmaps to reduce waste and improve operations

    Achieve energy savings and operational optimization

    Get from planning to energy savings faster with a proactive energy and maintenance plan that extends asset life and performance. When you are continuously employing energy monitoring at your facilities, you are finding sites that are consuming more resources than expected.

    Develop strategies for continuous efficiency

    > Reduce waste
    > Operate more efficiently
    > Improve equipment

    > Reduce consumption
    > Encourage better behavior from all employees

    Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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    Our energy monitoring experts are ready to assist you in building an energy efficiency strategy today.
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