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      Remote Energy Monitoring

      Transform your energy data into a success story. Our remote team of energy experts analyzes energy, occupancy, production, weather and more to boost your efficiency.

    Most companies generate 20 million data points every year

    The average company generates more than 20 million data points every year, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to make even more data points available in the coming years. Yet only 1% of global data is being used for decision-making. To truly maximize investments made in energy data management, corporate energy and sustainability professionals are turning to innovative data-powered solutions to power their continuous performance. Based on your unique business needs, our energy experts will design a cost-effective and scalable data management program that helps you to:

    > Analyze data to understand utility use at site and enterprise levels
    > Save up to 30% depending on your energy strategy
    > Improve performance of systems and equipment
    > Drive the greatest ROI through enterprise-wide collaborative action

    Our expert remote energy monitoring is your eyes and ears at every facility worldwide

    Driving the right behavior is critical to maximizing the ROI of your energy management investment. Far too often, short-term decisions at the site-level add up to massive energy bills at the corporate level. That's where our remote team comes in. We monitor all your facilities to ensure consistent performance across your portfolio, while helping you capture strategic opportunities along the way with advanced data analytics, visualization and modeling.

    Remote energy managers: an extension of your team

    > Collaborate directly with sites to drive consistent performance portfolio-wide
    > Benchmark performance and track program savings with customized scorecards

    > Boost coordination and knowledge-sharing between sites
    > Enable strategic and timely investment decisions based on energy market trends
    • Visualize data to realize energy savings

      Hear how La-Z-Boy uses enterprise-level data visualization to understand its energy use, solve operational problems, and drive savings to fund growth.

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    • Finding comfort in data

      Hear how Marriott leverages data to power better decision-making and performance across its global portfolio.

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    • Transform data into key performance indicators

      Discover the top 4 tips to extract more value and savings from your energy monitoring data.

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      Sustaining efficiency to achieve carbon goals

      When it comes to carbon goals, energy efficiency is the biggest piece of any sustainability conversation. Without a proactive and sustainable plan to continuously reduce waste and optimize operations, carbon reduction goals will become more difficult and costly to achieve. By helping you converge energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, our experts help you to extract even more value from your investments.

      Develop strategies for continuous efficiency

      > Achieve twin goals of energy savings and carbon reduction
      > Boost performance and productivity of teams

      > Provide advanced data analysis and local market intel to inform investment decisions
      > Embed efficiency as a business driver for profit and brand value

      Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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      Our energy monitoring experts are ready to assist you in building an energy efficiency strategy today.
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