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    EcoStruxure Power Build – Rapsody

    Easy-to-use panel builder software for configuration and quotation of Prisma – the low-voltage electrical switchboard for commercial buildings.

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  • Simplify configuration and quotation

    EcoStruxure Power Build – Rapsody (formerly known as Rapsody) makes Prisma switchboard configuration simple, so now you can work more efficiently and offer your customers a superior return on investment. Fully IEC 61439 compliant and part of our Customer Lifecycle Software range connected to the EcoStruxure Power platform, it gives you agility and competitiveness in all your project bids.

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Explore the features and benefits

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    Quick configuration

    • Step-by-step guidance for connecting your Prisma switchboard with the latest smart devices and accessories
    • Simply select and set up devices according to design requests
    • Configuring connected switchboards has never been so simple

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    Easy quotation and EcoStruxure Power ready

    • Access digital product information to facilitate device selection
    • Generate quotes for entire system as well as supporting documents (single line diagram, front view, etc.)
    • Increase business opportunities and optimize energy management with the EcoStruxure Power platform

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    Compatible devices and software

    • Configure your Prisma switchboard to work with a variety of Schneider Electric products, including the following: MasterPact MTZ, ComPact NSX & NSXm, PowerTag NSX IC60 RCBO, Monoconnect M63, Phase Neutral P63, Smartlink, iEM2000 / iEM2100; Acti9 iEM 3150/3155/31/32/33/34/35/21, Vigilohm IFL, Toroid, PM5100/5300/5500, FDM121 & 128 Display Panel, IFE/IFM & IO communication module, Com'X Energy server.
    • Import your projects from EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial

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Stay up to date with the latest release notes

Discover the latest features and other product information for EcoStruxure Power Build – Rapsody. Download now

Start using EcoStruxure Power Build – Rapsody

Take advantage of the full potential of EcoStruxure Power Build – Rapsody today. The recommended installation environment is an operating system of Windows 7 or Windows 10, minimum of 4GB Ram of memory and a processor of Intel Core i3 and above.
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Discover more energy management software

No matter what your role, our software can help you streamline all stages of your project to meet your business needs and your customers’, and to achieve maximum energy efficiency, performance, reliability and safety. Find more
  • Build with Prisma Build smarter than ever

    Ecostruxure Power Build – Rapsody is designed specifically for Prisma low-voltage switchboards. Prisma is IEC 61439 certified and is ideal for commercial and industrial buildings.

    Learn more about Prisma
  • Discover mySchneider Panel Builders Program

    Join the mySchneider Panel Builder Program for instant access to different resources and stay ahead of the game. This program is uniquely designed to help you access the resources and training you need to win more business and to help you get more done.

    Learn more about our Panel Builders Program
  • EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial

    EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial is a user-friendly software that helps you optimize your equipment and costs, while managing operating constraints during the electrical installation design phase of your project.

    Learn more about EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial
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  • Introducing EcoStruxure™ Power

    IoT-connected solutions ready to improve every aspect of your power distribution system. Take total control with real-time data and smart analytics for predictive maintenance.

    Learn more about EcoStruxure Power

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