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    Ecoreach Features

    Ecoreach offers a range of features that allow you to easily manage the health of your electrical distribution system and all its connected devices.

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    Discover your devices Ecoreach discovers all the smart devices connected to your panel board, regardless of topology. Customize communication parameters, view your project communication architecture, and modify IP and serial settings with the click of a button. Smart Panels is an Ethernet-connected solution, enabling fast discovery of your smart devices through a direct connection with your computer.
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    Configure your devices Ecoreach gives you a complete view of your device specifications and connected modules. The intuitive interface simplifies control of alarms, protection settings, input/output module settings and communication parameters, as well as set date, time and device passwords. Additionally, Ecoreach will transfer batch settings from multiple devices to your Ecoreach project with just one click.
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    Generate reports With Ecoreach, you can generate reports as part of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), analyze data relating to device settings/test results, and view the network topology in graphical format. In addition, Ecoreach can easily share and sync this valuable data with EcoStruxure Facility Expert, allowing you to further optimize your electrical distribution system.
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    Perform health checks Ensuring and maintaining the health of your electrical panel is vital – Ecoreach makes it easy. You can check logs and alarm history, and download waveforms. Ecoreach checks device firmware compatibility and upgrades firmware and digital modules. It also facilitates testing of protection and operational functions, including automatic trip curve tests for Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers. Identifying potential panel board faults is simple with Ecoreach.

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