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    • Reliable Power for the Modern Workplace

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    Technology shifts are changing the future of power distribution

    Five trends steer the new direction of power management

    Key Takeaways:

    • Businesses need reliable power 24/7 and are achieving it through connectivity
    • Connected systems provide a holistic view that enables users to prevent and identify problems
    • Maison Manival relies on EcoStruxure Power to ensure stable electricity supply
    Sustaining traditional baking with connected technology is a bold idea. With EcoStruxure™ Power, Maison Manival turns its old-world bakery in the heart of the French Alps into a modern, connected workplace with RELIABLE, 24/7 monitoring and metering for more efficient business.

    A paradigm shift in power distribution is taking place. The change is driven by rising energy demand, untapped opportunities for energy efficiency, increasing use of renewable energy, and the need for sustainability.

    Increasing digitization is also redefining the various facets of power distribution:
    1. The IoT explosion makes it possible to optimize building systems across the entire business
        by connecting as many devices as possible. 
    2. Autonomous building and industrial systems can perform functions like optimizing building
        assets and maintaining equipment without direct human intervention. 
    3. Converging technical systems within a facility by using power distribution as an infrastructural
        backbone simplifies design, construction, operation and maintenance.
    4. Pervasive decentralization increases flexibility and productivity; for instance, sourcing power
        needs and tracking power usage. 
    5. New-generation networks in which each node relays data to enable fast, effective, two-way
        communication and the management of big data.
    These trends engender new demands on power distribution, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the workplace, where even traditional French baking can get a modern technological twist.

    Any electrical failure means trouble for a bakery, since ovens, chillers, freezers and refrigerators are fundamental to operations. Maison Manival, an old-world bakery in the heart of the French Alps, wanted to preserve its artisanal provenance while embracing technological innovations.

    It has managed to do this by using a cloud-based Schneider Electric solution for round-the-clock monitoring of all electrical equipment, from kitchen equipment to lights in the front store. The solution enables staff to check on equipment status using an app for smartphones and tablets, ensure all equipment is running at the most cost-efficient level, and even remotely resolve equipment malfunction issues.

    Learn more about how Maison Manival successfully preserves a traditional art with innovative, connected technology.
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