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  • Medical center connects to the advantages of IoT technology

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Bringing a medical center up to date with IoT-based technology results in energy savings.

Kyunghee University Medical Center leverages EcoStruxure™ to save energy and improve power reliability

Kyunghee University Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea, comprises a university hospital, dental clinic and Chinese medical hospital. Established in 1970, it provides both eastern and western medical treatments, making it unique in the medical industry.

Going high tech with IoT

The medical center set a goal to reduce carbon emissions and cost through higher energy efficiency. In addition, the center needed to improve its solutions for power reliability.

A first step in meeting these goals was to create a database to document and track the building’s electrical use. EcoStruxure’s IoT-based solutions delivered real-time power monitoring to gather all electrical data, which enabled the center to discern usage patterns, track power shifts, and develop plans for reducing energy consumption.

Schneider Electric suggested technical solutions and architectures for metering and monitoring consumption. Through these solutions, the center can now verify the quality of power usage and predict future energy consumption.

With IoT-based connectivity, the center has achieved energy savings and improved power reliability. Looking forward, plans include continuing to reduce its carbon footprint and aim for even higher energy efficiency – in part by acquiring new renewable energy resources.

Find out how the Kyunghee University Medical Center re-established itself as a high-tech hospital
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