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    • Internap leverages edge computing solutions to better manage demand

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    Internap meets growing customer demand with the ability to expand wherever the need arises

    IT infrastructure business builds scalable, future-ready data center across 16 worldwide locations

    Not that long ago, having centralized data centers was adequate to service customer needs, even in the most bandwidth-heavy industries. However, as businesses more regularly access data, and need to offer seamless operations with no latency or bandwidth concerns, better solutions were needed.

    This is especially true when considering Internap, an IT infrastructure business in Atlanta, one of the nation’s fastest-growing centers for large corporations and startups alike. The city’s growth is matched only by the expanding needs of its businesses, making Internap’s mission all the more complex.

    Schneider Electric’s proven capabilities in both expandable modular infrastructure and edge computing provided the answer. Our solutions helped Internap meet growing customer demands by giving it the ability to expand whenever – and wherever – the need arises.

    Schneider also worked with Internap to build an edge computing strategy centered on smaller, strategically placed data centers, located closer to the users that need them most. Now, rather than maintaining 1-2 centralized centers to handle all customer demand, the company’s bandwidth is more evenly distributed across 16 worldwide locations.

    It’s a solution that not only benefits Internap’s core needs, but – as a colocation provider – sets an easily replicated and scalable solution to provide its own customers. With companies serving such disparate, demanding industries as finance, gaming and healthcare, this is no small accomplishment. Latency and limitations are not an option, and thanks to this solution, also not a concern.

    Our modular components gave Internap the freedom to build a scalable, future-ready data center that can grow alongside a burgeoning city.

    Learn more about how Schneider Electric is helping Internap’s data center strategy a reality for companies of all sizes.
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