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  • Integrated Data Key to Active Energy Management

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The ability to analyze for decision making creates real value for companies

Companies are going digital and have data. But what are they doing with it?

Key Takeaways:

• Collaboration is needed to take advantage of new opportunities in a new energy landscape
• Centralized cloud-based data platform enables data sharing
• Sharing, integrating teams creates new uses for your data

Non-cohesive departments managing energy and sustainability are a big obstacle to active energy management. A bold management idea is to introduce a CENTRALIZED DATA PLATFORM, facilitating data collection and sharing. this fosters a new level of collaboration.

Active Energy Management (AEM) is the practice of taking an integrated approach to sustainable operations and the buying and management of energy. Done right, it presents opportunities to achieve both energy and sustainability goals while saving on costs and becoming more efficient and more competitive.

However, energy and sustainability strategies are often managed independently in organizations, with each silo having its own source of data. This can result in inconsistent data and missed opportunities. This disconnect is made worse by a lack of cohesion between departments.

Tellingly, a recent survey of Schneider Electric™ clients at the Energy & Sustainability Perspectives Summit revealed that 55% rate the lack of organizational alignment as the top factor preventing them from reaching their energy and sustainability goals.

Departments responsible for energy and sustainability need to be tightly integrated on strategy, projects and data.

Corporate energy and sustainability data come from many sources, including:

• Utility bills and contracts
• On-site devices that collect resource consumption data
• Building management and enterprise software applications
• Supplier information and ratings
• Surveys and efficiency projects

The Real Value of Big Data: Analytics
While such data can be collected from these sources and manually entered into a spreadsheet, this data collection method is time-intensive and error-prone. The most efficient method of data collection is to automatically collect data through IoT-enabled devices and aggregate all required data sources in a cloud-based platform. Besides providing accurate and timely data and anywhere, a centralized platform also facilitates data sharing and fosters collaboration between departments.

However, data on its own has limited use. The real value comes from having the people who can, with the aid of software solutions, make sense of this big data and find patterns and metrics that help an organization make better business decisions, improve forecasting and purchasing decisions, benchmark performance, and unlock deeper efficiency and cost savings.

How iomart Does It
One company that has successfully integrated its energy and sustainability initiatives and embarked on its AEM journey is iomart, one of Europe’s leading cloud computing companies.

The company's first challenge was to reduce costs by buying energy more strategically. Schneider Electric helped deploy a risk management solution that led to a 13% savings. With a robust sourcing program in place, the company set out to build an active, integrated approach to energy and carbon management. So, the procurement, energy efficiency and sustainability teams came together to develop joint plans and goals. Working closely with finance, they have been able to add to the early momentum, delivering more than €1.5 million in supplemental savings, and helping iomart achieve Climate Change Agreement, Carbon Reduction Commitment and ISO 50001 compliance.

Iomart continues to create new opportunities with integrated decision-making and with help from Resource Advisor, Schneider Electric’s enterprise energy and sustainability data management software.

Learn how iomart is taking Active Energy Management to the cloud
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