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  • Food & beverage manufacturers: Improve the ROI of your sustainability program

Worker inspecting goats milk in dairy, food and beverage, machine control.
49% of food & beverage CFOs perceive a significant link between sustainability performance and financial performance

This 4-step method can lower operating costs, improve profitability, and control risk

Food and beverage manufacturers are promoting corporate responsibility and delivering a clear return on investment through sustainability programs. In fact, compared to other industries, the food and beverage industry leads the way in meeting government regulations and disclosing carbon emissions information.

However, pressure is increasing for more operational transparency, driven by resource shortages, rising energy costs, and tougher regulations. Manufacturers are finding that integrating sustainability with energy management can create a successful program and yield benefits such as:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased profitability
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Mitigated business risk
  • Improved corporate image

To learn more about a recommended approach to improve ROI, download the Schneider Electric white paper, Accelerating the Benefits of Food and Beverage Sustainability Programs: A Best Practices Guide.

Learn more about the Plan / Do / Check / Act method by downloading this Schneider Electric white paper: “Accelerating the Benefits of Food and Beverage Sustainability Programs: A Best Practices Guide.”
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